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Inspirational Sensations

You may think it a little premature to be thinking about hanging baskets, pots, containers and bedding plants.

Therefore we have done the hard work for you, selecting a gorgeous range of plants to fill these gaps throughout the summer, so sit back and relax - don't stress. I need a few grey hairs - it is the fashion this year don't you know?

There are a few old favourites mixed in with some brand new gems and a colour scheme to match all tastes. Take a sneak peak at what you can expect to find in this years 'inspirational sensations' catalogue:

Pinks and Purples:
Scabiosa Barocca - Vibrant purple blooms that are irresistible to bees, butterflies and humans alike. Illuminating colour and texture will enhance beds, borders and pots all summer long. They look good enough to eat, almost like juicy lollipops - raspberry flavoured of course!

Creative Images - An all time favourite with Haylofters. In fact I can see a customer photo of this collection from my desk as I peer into…

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