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A taste of the tropics

That's it - I am not taking it anymore! 

This cold weather and snow can officially leave the premises please. I love winter, don't get me wrong, but surely it is about time for some lovely spring days with our beloved hazy lukewarm sunshine.

Planning a garden has been Stop. Start. Stop. Start - much like my very first car might I add (which was just as frustrating). Just as we start to think that warmer weather is on the horizon, another beast from the east disturbs the equilibrium. 

Lets not become disheartened though - this weather cannot and will not continue to dampen our spirits (literally). 

I am going to whisk you away to warmer climates - I may have the perfect style for you that will bring with it a taste of the tropics.

What is this mad idea I hear you say!
Have you ever thought of  creating your own pocket of the Mediterranean within your very own back garden here in the UK? 

A laughable idea to some. 
The notion of creating a slice of the Mediterranean in the UK with a…

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