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Heavenly Hellebores

As the title suggests, gardeners and horticulturalists are a huge fan of the Hellebore for their heavenly pendulous flower heads and glowing presence, informing us that winter has finally broken. A stunning winter flowering plant which is immensely popular for their exquisite appearance which creates delicate features within an often bare winter garden.  

If we step back in time for a moment and delve into the history of the Hellebore, we see one of our garden favourites in a more sinister light. (I am afraid it is true - do not be fooled by a pretty face)

In many ancient civilizations, Hellebore's were utilised to form medicines that would aid in the cure of gout, paralysis and insanity.

However, these plants are highly toxic and if ingested in large volumes, would cause some quite nasty symptoms such as vertigo and would often lead to swelling of the tongue and throat.

In extreme circumstances, these medicines could cause heart attacks, slowing of the heart and even death.

It is …

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