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Ready, Steady, Bulbs?!

I re-visited the blog I wrote this time last year and I have a strong sense of deja vu. We have successfully bypassed the heatwave that has swept across Europe and we have once again been subject to a typical British summer - what a surprise! It wouldn't be called a 'typical British summer' if we were not greeted by it so frequently.

I hope the weather forecast for my trip to Devon and Dorset is looking a little better than it has been! Countdown - 1 sleep! Fingers crossed that we will not be stuck indoors for the week. I have an itinerary I need to get through!
I do wish that our summer gardens could delight us a little while longer. I have only used my BBQ twice this year which is a pretty poor effort. My Granddad's vintage drink's bar in the conservatory has not seen as many garden parties as one would have hoped for either. Never mind Granddad - It'll certainly have its uses in the autumn and winter too! I see many a mulled wine and cider being served behin…

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