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Weekend Work

This week has been considerably colder - Jack Frost has well and truly been working his delights across the landscape. I have immersed myself into a ball of blankets and dressing gowns, using up most of the hot water by having large nightly bubble baths to keep toasty warm. 
Most of the foliage in my garden has fallen, and things are looking a little bare. I wish that I had indulged in a little more winter colour. The plants in the pots have all been cut back, and we still have an empty raised planter, ready to be filled with plenty of summer blooming varieties. However, if we look a little closer, flowers are still very much thriving!
The Michaelmas daisies are in their prime, romping away in flower beds and borders, as are Kniphofia. You will be surprised to see many blooms still wide awake at this time of year - yet another reminder of this season of beauty.

The glorious purple shades of Aster Purple Dome
A glorious display of vibrancy with these Kniphofia Poco Red!
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