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Turning Dreams to Reality

So I have moved house yet again - but this time I can say I am officially a homeowner - no more renting for me! Yay!!
This week I write this blog between puffy, bloodshot eyes (apologies for any spelling mistakes that may come about in result of this) - I am tempted to wear my sunglasses as I am sure people think I am ill or hungover - neither are the case I can assure you.

I have spent over a month packing up one home, moving into a temporary home whilst living out of a suitcase to finally being able to unpack in our very own little haven. The last two weeks after work have been interesting - ripping up old carpets, filling in holes, wallpapering, painting (and getting more paint on me than the walls), setting up televisions and washing machines (that decide to malfunction of me - of course!). It has been a great learning curve although now I am ready for a week in bed (or perhaps two).

Last night I was finally able to take a few moments to myself in the back garden. I was proud to c…

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