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Gardening Q&A

"Bindweed is a big problem in my garden"

Unfortunately, bindweed can take a long time to completely eradicate. Persistent digging and hoeing will help. Dig out as many of the roots as you can and for areas where it is not possible to dig because of other plant roots, then use a hose to sever the weed at ground level. It may also be worth inserting vertical barriers into your soil. In terms of chemical solutions, a non-selective weed killer can be applied to the foliage which will then move throughout the weed. It is important to avoid spraying this on neighbouring plants, understandably.

"Why can't I get Echinacea to grow?"

Being a prairie plant, Echinacea do not enjoy the wet and are best placed in a well-draining soil that will not become waterlogged during the winter. They also love the sunshine and should preferably be in a position of full sun so I would firstly check that they have the correct growing conditions to be able to thrive. When planting, it’s impo…

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