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Ready, Steady, Bulbs!

I re-visited the blog I wrote this time last year and I have a strong sense of deja vu. 
Although still quite mild, the weather conditions have felt autumnal. We have been battered by storm Ali, caught in the rain and are subjected back to the typical British conditions that we expect. 

It is hard to believe that we have bypassed mid-September already. I know I say this every year but this year really is flying by. It is quite frightening how fast the days, weeks and months are passing.
 Our gardens are changing significantly and we need a little forethought to keep our gardens looking fabulous for the colder months ahead.  
I hate to whip away the flip flops and sandals from beneath your feet, but I will need to replace these for a pair of wellies for just a short moment.

In the forthcoming weeks we need to start planning for spring 2019 - 'Really?!' I hear you yelp!
Yes ... Really!

There is never a dull moment in the garden and we need to be one step ahead of mother nature to …

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