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Back in the old days...

In today's society, a garden is a staple for many and wishful thinkingfor others.

For many of us, life without a garden would be difficult to endure. Now that I have a garden of my own, I can fully appreciate and understand why they are so sought after and why they can often make or break a decision to relocate.

Gardens have been an important feature for decades, although they have not always been a common entity for home and land owners. I have gone back in time to see where the concept of a modern day garden has come from and how their function has changed throughout each new era:

The Roman Garden:

The earliest English gardens that we know of were constructed during the 1st century AD when the Roman army conquered Britain. Gardens and large outdoor spaces would have been prevalent in rich Roman villas and palaces, where neat straight lines were the core design feature, hence the popular usage of low box hedging to create boundaries and borders. Sculptures and art were also key desig…

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