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Summer Stories

If you are the type of person who is great at giving advice but not so great at taking it, I will completely sympathize with you. Regrettably my garden is looking a little sad even though I have written about 'must have' tasks in previous blogs.

I have a long list of jobs to do in the flower beds, borders and pots but have had little time to implement it - which frustrates me immensely.

The evenings are drawing in and the drop in temperature has meant that when I have been at home during the week I have walked in from work, dumped my bags and slobbed on the sofa with thick socks, pyjamas and a peppermint tea (or hot chocolate!). Although there is no excuse!

Please excuse the Christmas themed Pyjamas and socks - and sorry for having my feet on the coffee table! 
I will always find time to clean the house so why not the garden? There are fallen leaves, weedy flower beds and straggly looking foliage. I am too embarrassed to even upload any imagery of my garden right now - It is a…

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