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Whether you are a fan of the Royal family or not ( and yes I am a big fan, - I have to support a fellow red head of course!), I am sure you will all agree that the floral decorations are certain to blow us all away. With the eyes of the world watching, there is immense pressure on gardeners and the plants alike to outperform themselves by creating both a marvellous and dramatic display that'll be etched into the history books for generations to come - no pressure then. 
Although uncertain as to the appearance of the displays or the bridal bouquet, we do know that the happy couple have decided to incorporate dusky cranesbill geraniums into their floral masterpieces, grown in the Royal Parks nursery. 
Branches of beech, birch and hornbeam will also be used in the decorations, with the locally sourced foliage coming from the gardens and parkland of The Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park.
The flowers that have been chosen are particularly pollinator-friendly flowers, which means they ha…

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