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New Year Goals


Christmas and New Year seem forever ago now. The lovely long lie-ins, the cheesy Christmas music, the copious amounts of turkey, chocolate and fizz, playing board games and wearing ridiculous jumpers and head wear.
Oh yes, very much a long distant memory now.

Since the end of the festivities, I have tried to spend most of my time out of work in the great outdoors, inhaling the clean fresh air that I deprived myself of whilst lazing around the house for a few days.

Last weekend, I started on the development on my brand new flower bed in the front garden. When we moved into our property last year, we decided to have some overgrown and partially dead shrubs removed from a large patch in the front. Not only was this unsightly but it was a dangerous obstruction to our view when we attempted to reverse out of the driveway.

After 9 long hours of heavy, hard work (not by me unfortunately), the large and dilapidated looking framework had been removed - roots and all!…

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