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Hurry up Sunshine!

So I have heard on the grapevine that we are due a mini-heatwave next week!  'About time!', although my cynical side says 'I'll believe it when I see it.'
Us sun-craved Brits need a little sunshine, not only for the vital vitamin D it'll provide, but to help our motivation when we wake up in the morning. 
This week has been difficult. 
The alarm rattles, I hop out of bed (or more realistically roll out of bed in an unladylike fashion) and think to myself 'Hmmm I wonder if the sun has made an appearance today?'. 
On opening the blinds I am greeted by 'oh yes! yet more grey skies and rain.' An optimistic grin vanishes into a scowl. It takes all my energy not to shut the blinds, jump back into bed and cover myself in the duvet. Perhaps I should just hibernate until the sun comes out to play. 
Is that allowed? I'll ask Yvonne.

Nevertheless, the later, lighter evenings are a sure sign that spring and summer is approaching, ready to beat stream…

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