Wild Swan

Browsing through Gardening Which magazine I read about the possible shortage of a truly beautiful plant. It is named Anemone 'Wild Swan'.
'Wild Swan' burst into prominence in 2011 when it was named Plant of The Year at the Chelsea Flower Show. Indeed, no small accolade. However when I have set eyes on previous winners, amidst all the clamour, hoopla and publicity for the winner, I have often in my private thoughts, heard,  "..how on earth could this be the winner?". It's the 'Emperor has no clothes' moment.
So when I was told an anemone had won in 2011, I wasn't overly confident I was going to have pounding heart and racing pulse.  OK anemones are nice plants but they don't have the 'WOW!' factor.
How wrong could I have been? Anemone 'Wild Swan' is one of the most beautiful plants I have set eyes upon. Seven centimetre white blooms with a lilac reverse, blue buds, elegantly nodding on arched stems. We are talking BEAUTY. It is a big WOW!
When it was first made available commercially,demand was high. Then last year, even more gardeners sought it, demand became higher. Now reading the Gardening Which article it looks demand will outstrip supply again.
The breeder discovered it accidentally which I just love. No matter how much they splice plant genes and try to create 'winners' in laboratories, nothing beats the ability, or genius, of nature.
'Wild Swan' stays where you put it and does not invade its neighbours as can happen with Japanese Anemones. For continuous flowering it prefers a rich and fertile soil which does not become too dry. In the south, dappled shade would be a good environment.
Keep checking the Hayloft website and if we have any in stock, get yourself a 'Wild Swan' for your garden. It is the worthiest winner of Plant of the Year I can recall!


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