A Sight for Sore Eyes

Shining through the speckled, glazed glass of the greenhouses, were the bright flecks of colour from a sea of multi coloured primroses. On Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to attend Pershore College to take a sneaky peek at some of the new Primroses that have recently been bred and shown at the Primrose Trials.

As the sliding doors were swept back, a slight but evident gasp reverberated where I stood in the entranceway. My gaze trailed across the expanse of flora and subsequent blocks of lush foliage and bold colour. 
Primrose Open Day at Pershore College
This winter season has prolonged into a wet, and at times, frosty February. It has seemed an awfully long time since such vibrancy and warmth has illuminated an outside space. The heat that had cocooned the greenhouse, together with the sweet fragrances and vivacious colours were a welcoming prompt of impending spring and the forthcoming euphoria this generates in our gardens.

Stunning variety of bloom and colour
This simple display inspired my creativity cogs to awaken as I started to mentally design my spring garden into a primrose haven.

There was a notion that I was getting slightly carried away with this vision of a ‘primrose only’ landscape and so I refrained from any further design time, and focussed my attention on having a little nose around.

Whilst meandering my way around the display, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the primrose breeders. Listening to the way in which he conveyed his experiences was a true inspiration, and I was thrilled to have met someone so passionate and enthusiastic about their trade. He had immense pride in the creation of all of these plants, and it was easy to see why.

Whilst observing some of these plants, it highlighted some subtle yet stunning features that have added a unique touch to this classic garden flower.

For example, this 'rose bud' bloom fashioned fine touches of yellow that tinted the outline of each petal, glistening away in the protruding rays of sun that beamed through the glass.
'Rosebud' blooming Primrose
This silver laced primrose caught my eye for its exquisitely rich colour and defined shape. At a first glance, it looked as though the petals were made of velvet, with a demarcated brush stroke effect providing a visually textured bloom. 

The bright silvery outline against the dark blossom made an appropriate addition to its opulent appearance.
Stunning Silver Laced Primrose
A beautiful bouquet style bloom 
This bloom held an abundance of flowers that were neatly perched upon a bundle of foliage.

Its ampleness and ratio of bloom to foliage looked as though it were ready to be plucked for a bridal bouquet. 
You can really see the tonal ranges of light pink to dark pink highlighted in the suns beaming rays. 

It was very impressive indeed. 

A splash of spring and summer colour to melt the frosty mornings

Spring is soon approaching with the prospect of brand new beginnings and new life in our gardens.

It is officially time for you to start thinking about what plants will burst your borders and decorate your pots and containers.

It is such an exciting time when colour can be reintroduced in high volumes, and where you can experiment with an array of textures, structures and species.

Will you be planting any primroses in your gardens this season? I would love to hear from you and/or see your photographs.

Happy spring planting!

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