A walk amongst the fairies at Stourhead Gardens

There is something rather magical and mysterious about the hidden coves, towering foliage and undulant landscape at Stourhead Gardens in Wiltshire. If you are ever in this part of the world, please do mark it in your schedule of places to see.

View from inside the cove at Stourhead Gardens 

I have ventured to this National Trust property and gardens many a time. Nonetheless, each visit unearths new treasures. It never ceases to amaze me how the changing forces of nature can amend your depiction of a place or scene and provide you with completely new imagery of the same subject.

Stourhead gardens not only appeals to those whom love nature and long walks, but to Hollywood directors equally, aiming to capture the perfect backdrop for a romantic scene in a blockbuster masterpiece. This beautiful landscape was used in the most recent adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (2005) and is iconic for its grandeur structures, built to impress prestigious guests of the time.

View of the Pantheon at Stourhead Gardens

The recent frost diminished most forms of new life that had started to bud in these warm winter months of late, but this enabled the stunning snow drops to take centre stage in the patches under the trees.  Snowdrops have become symbolic in many British parks and gardens, and are widely admired for their delicate beauty, proving to be highly popular as ornamental plants in cottage country kitchens and high rise apartments alike.

Clumps of snowdrops were a key feature of the gardens at this time of year, and you couldn't help but feel a sense of joyfulness as you passed them throughout your journey around the estate. The daffodils looked ready to awaken from a warm slumber, supplementing the splash of colour that will encapsulate the surroundings as spring approaches.

These stunning snowdrops were unmissable

Around each curve and crook of the path, you were met by stunning natural creations.
The formation of the crumbling tree bark resonated with me, a reminder of the stories told to me as a child of fairies and goblins, conjuring mayhem and magic in the woods and forests. The roots of the trees acting as their playground with dips and troughs, spreading through the earth like tentacles.

Elongated tree trunks and roots crawling through the earth 

Captivating woodland tree spires and greenery creating a mystical ambiance

Where moss can be a hindrance in most peoples gardens, at Stourhead it is embraced to create the essence of a secret world through these dark and long passageways adding character to the rough and stony exterior. 

Moss adorned caves and passageways reminded me of magical childhood tales of fairies, goblins and magic
This picturesque backdrop will continue to blossom and flourish throughout the Spring, long into the summer months. I will return to Stourhead in the foreseeable future to capture the rebirth of new life, new plants and new magic.

Beautifully skeletal view of a wintry Stourhead

I may even see you there! 

 (Garden Writer)


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