‘The Colour Run’

Apart from the festive season, I can happily say that this is one of my more preferred times of year. The spring season brings much promise of new beginnings and an optimism that isn't emphasized during other periods of the year.  Summer is marvellous, don’t get me wrong but it can be dampened by severe hay fever, sunburn and a profuse amount of freckles.

I digress.

It is a very exciting time to start putting together a spectacular visual maze in your garden. The spring cleaning should have been well under way by now, if not finished already, and you should be at the stage whereby you are scanning through our numerous catalogues and web pages, picking the perfect plants to compliment your beds, borders and pots.

Here at Hayloft, we are determined to make 2016 the year of fun. What represents this concept more than bright vivacious colour!?

You may be nervous to experiment with colour and it may be out of your comfort zone to combine particular swatches of shades and tones together, but you will be amazed at the results when you turn the norm on its head. You need not stray too far from what you are used to though, and you mustn't forget that things are easily rectified and modified if you are unsure.
Adding a splash of cerise pink or royal blue to a pastel laden flower bed is not going to cause much harm, but will provide a statement feature that really does stop you in your tracks.

Hearing conversations in the office with regards to customer orders and preferences, and speaking to people on social media has enabled me to realise that the colour trend is spreading fast amongst you. Either we are all fed up of the dull shades of winter or tastes are changing in the world of plants.
There is a real buzz this year about gardening and being in the great outdoors. Passion and enthusiasm is bubbling away and everyone is eager to get things done to ensure their gardens are looking their absolute best for the summer season.

More of us are staying at home during the holiday season, and this makes it evermore important to construct true summer sanctuaries to relax and socialise in. Make it the most exuberant and inspiring oasis you can possibly conjure up, and treat your borders to some much needed revitalisation with an explosion of audacious colour arrangements.

It’s a match!

I am by no means an expert, and everybody’s tastes will differ where this is concerned but nevertheless I have put together a few colour combinations that may work for you. Be brave – even if you only start out in a small patch in the garden. This can always be expanded upon.


Red, blue and yellow are three colours that I think work incredibly well together. 

Imagine these colours in a wild flower garden or meadow setting. Reverberate the message of colour and vitality and most of all fun! 

You may think of pink and purple being a common match, but orange too!?

A dash of orange will add warmth to a border and will surprisingly work well with a range of colours. 

Traditionally you may only mix this shade with darker or lighter tones - maybe even a yellow, but give it a go with a pink or purple and you will be surprised with the results!

Another powerful colour combination is red, orange and blue. 

These colours really work well together and if you can find a mixed selection of the same plant, it'll look spectacular within pots or hanging baskets. 

Gone are the days when we would match the same colour in a multitude of tones. Now is the time to be brave and test the boundaries. 

I really could go on and on with an endless list of vivid colour combinations, but I will let you be the judge as to what works best for you in the space you have. I am looking forward to seeing what is out and about in the shows this year to see if anyone has really run away with the idea of a truly bold and colour infused garden. I am sure that we will not be disappointed.

I would love to hear from you as to whether you are braving the colour run throughout your garden this year or whether vivacious colour has always been an integral part of your summer garden. 

I am always thrilled to receive emails and photographs from you all. It would be fantastic to see the results of your efforts.

(Garden Writer)



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