Malvern Spring Festival

Today is the start of the RHS Malvern Spring Festival in Worcestershire where we have an exciting feature to showcase, as requested by the RHS. We have been incredibly excited about this and cannot wait to share our flamboyant feature piece with you all.

Hosted at the Three Counties Showground, the Malvern Spring Festival boasts an array of delights with guest appearances from much loved television personalities such as Alan Titchmarsh and Mary Berry. The festival commences from today (5th May) and continues until Sunday (8th May) where people can engage in outstanding show gardens, alongside a prestigious kitchen garden theatre that exudes delightful creations from some very talented chefs. Take a look at the official website to find out more information:

This year we are hosting two stands- one indoor and one outdoor. As it is my first show with Hayloft, I couldn't wait to get stuck into the design and set up for our showcase piece that was to be critiqued alongside many others, by official RHS Judges in the main floral marquee.

The planning and execution of our idea would take some time to accomplish, especially to a standard we would be happy with. Therefore we had to ensure we had sufficient time to complete our stand.

On Tuesday, we set off early to aid in the planning and preparation of our stands - we were loaded with pots, fabrics, flowers and other exciting features that would enhance our showcase piece to create a truly spectacular visual for all of our lovely Hayloft fans and customers. 

It took a while to work out exactly how we wanted the display to look, but eventually we were well under way in creating a structural and elegant feature piece that would be both innovative, flamboyant and different to all the other companies that were featuring in our category. 

A blank canvas can be overwhelming... Where to start?

As the day went on, we were gaining a better idea as to how we wanted our stand to look and it was taking shape.

By 8pm that evening we thought we would call it a day and return in the morning with fresh eyes to finish off, whilst tidying and amending anything that we weren't quite happy with. 

On Wednesday morning it was a case of racing against time to have our stand completed by 3pm, ready for the judges verdict. It was a nerve racking time as we tried to get everything finished without rushing and cutting corners. Not only that, we had the pain staking venture of clearing up the mess we had accumulated around the display perimeter - oops. 

It was an intense few hours and there was a lot of pots to cover - it was important to cover any sign of unsightly pots or supports as this would cause detriment to our overall marks.

There was a lot of chicken wire and moss needed to do the job - I never realised the tiny spaces I could crawl into until yesterday! 

As we drew closer to finishing, we were even surprised by Mr Monty Don and the BBC who wanted to film a feature for Fridays episode of Gardeners World by our stand! 

This was incredibly exciting and enhanced the adrenaline and the optimism that was emanating around our display. 

At the end of it all, I was incredibly pleased and proud of our efforts and regardless of the result, I knew we had crafted something that was very different to all the other stands in the floral marquee, proving that anything is possible with some imagination and creativity. You don't always have to conform to the norm in your gardens - it is the perfect place to express your own personality and taste.

If you are local or are in the area, I urge you to pop by and relish in the abundance and variety of what is on offer. It really is going to be a spectacle this year, and the weather looks as though it is to remain warm and sunny - which is a bonus!

Before we left for the day, we popped by our outside stand to add a few finishing touches, whilst giving our plants a good drink after such glorious weather.

If you do happen to visit the festival this year, come and find us and take look at both our stands. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

I will be working there again myself tomorrow and would love to meet as many of you as possible as would all the Hayloft staff who are working over the next four days!

Lets hope the good weather prolongs into the weekend to make this a festival to remember!



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