Potting up Perfection

I am adamant that we underestimate the impact of our pots, containers and baskets.

Not only do they create fantastic focal features on a patio, deck or balcony, they can transform urbanised and built up spaces into an area of tranquillity, absorbed with rich and lively tones.

Some may say that baskets and pots are a little old fashioned – I disagree.

I am a huge fan of the hanging basket – a creative and attractive method of  masking unsightly frames and structures in your garden, alongside creating spectacular patches of  feature colour outside your home.

Personally the appeal of entering any public building (pub, restaurant or shop) is increased tenfold if they fashion a floral masterpiece in the form of baskets or window boxes - I like the quaint things in life.

Stars of the show

I relish in the sight of mass colour, audacious tones and complementary shades within my pots and containers.

I have selected a few of these confident show stoppers to showcase this criteria perfectly. Whether you want to decorate the front of your home,
or whether you wish to create a garden within a concrete jungle, these plants will emanate summer shades in your pots.

Dazzling Dahlias
Giant Daisy 
Zinnia Magellan

Baskets of Beauty

As previously mentioned, I have a soft spot for the traditional hanging basket.

How many of you can honestly say that you are unimpressed by these hanging bundles of colour?

I expect most, if not all of you are taken in by the charm of a well structured hanging basket.

Geranium (Mixed)

We are accustomed to viewing  floral displays roughly below eye level. 

This may be a reason as to why they appear so spectacular – You see colour in a completely different way and at an angle that contradicts the norm in your average garden.

Perfumed Pots

Nemesia aromatica Rose Pink

I love meandering past clumps of fragrant blooms, undoubtedly a guaranteed way to stop you in your tracks.

I take great joy in being able to stop for those few moments, whilst nestling my hooter amongst these sweetly scented blooms.

It is even better when you can transport the fragrance from place to place in pots, aligning them along pathways, edges or on patios for you to enjoy whilst you sit back with a cold drink and a book - a favourite past time of mine! 

Tumbling Trailers

Fuchsia Giant Mix

Trailing plants in baskets or containers will create a dramatic and elegant visual that is reminiscent of the extravagance and richness of the gardens that once inhabited Ancient Rome - with large and vibrant blooms that would curl and weave their way around dense marble pillars and structures.

Re-create your own mini empire full of voluptuous and dense blooms alongside a mass of beautiful tumbling foliage. 

If I could, I would position these all over my garden. I will refrain however for fear of it being slightly 'over the top'. What a stunning feature piece though!

What are your views on the hanging basket? I hope I have inspired you to dust off your pots and containers - why not give them a spruce up and paint them in multi coloured shades and patterns for dramatic effect?

Feel free to share and like this post, if you indeed like this weeks topic and as always, I'd love to hear from you in the form of emails or photographs.

Happy Potting!



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