The Perfume Shop

There is a plethora of magnificent, scent induced blooms to be discovered, each with a unique aroma – suited for both ornamental and practical purposes. 

For Example: 

Sweetly scented lavender shrubs are not only desirable features within our gardens with their delicate and bushy demeanour, but they are also renowned to aid in the reduction of stress levels, alongside a proven natural remedy to gain a peaceful and restful nights sleep. Power to the plants!!!

What could be better than a tornado of whirling scents as you meander your way up a garden path? A better welcome than any slogan inspired door mat don't you think?  

Below is a little peep into the Hayloft Perfume Shop - a wondrous world of warmth, excitement and ever-changing possibility.

WARNING: Approach this selection with care, unless you have dosed up on your Hay-fever tablets:

Spring Fragrance

Spring fragrance is an accumulation of winter haze and summer vibrancy – a new and exciting foundation providing delicately crisp, musky and floral aromas, perfect for filling numerous vases to provide incomparable natural incense within your home.

Salvia Phyllis' Fancy
Salvia Phyllis' Fancy 

A beautiful and delicate spring plant that packs a punch with an intensely strong and beautifully overpowering scent - perfect for lining paths and walkways.

Narcissus Erlicheer

The icing on the cake (literally), these blooms not only depict the essence of spring but obtain a strong, sweet fragrance that spreads beautifully throughout your garden.

Akebia Quinata (Chocolate Vine)

This plant smells exactly as its title suggests - like chocolate!! - with a perfect accompaniment of vanilla extract (although I am led to believe the taste does not match the fragrance - how very unfortunate) 

Summer Fragrance

You cannot conjure up the picture perfect vision of a summer garden without our senses buzzing and purring over the scents that correspond with our bold and beautiful blooms. I love wandering through elaborately packed flower beds, poking my nose into every bloom, inhaling every ounce of perfume. 

Not only do these plants look like summer, they will smell like it too:

Lonicera x heckrotti 
Lilium Star Romance
A exquisite sweet scent will transport you to a daydream of tropical climates. 

Magnolia grandiflora

An impossible fragrance to describe in so few words. A lemon-infused compound works perfectly in conjunction with this season.

Lonicera x heckrotti

An exotic  fruity  scent that will act as a magnet to any passing bee, butterfly and human.

Autumn Fragrance

Match those scorching autumnal shades with sizzling perfumes that will delve our gardens into a sumptuous haven for our senses, before the weather turns wet and grey:

Crocosmia Lucifer

Crocosmia Lucifer

A powerful autumnal scent that produces a heavenly and warming aroma much like saffron

Echinacea Intermezzo 

A scent that will match the bloom with a sweet yet subtle honey scent.

Agastache Summer Glow

A beautifully refreshing fragrance with a hint of mint that will tantalise your nostrils alongside deterring those pesky pests. 

Winter Fragrance

Even on the coldest of days, you can wave goodbye to the shivers and goose bumps with these warming and woody infusions, with a hint of spice and festive spirit:  

Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena

Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena

An essential for every winter garden with an alluring spicy scent, a perfect aroma for the time of year.

Chimonanthus Praecox

A subtle scent with a mixture of lemon and spice which is commonly used in cosmetics, perfumery and aromatherapy. 

Well....what are you waiting for? 

Step inside the Hayloft perfume shop - take a look at the bountiful measures of perfumed blooms on offer. I hope that the plants listed above have given you a teaser taster into the kitchen of aromas you can implement in your own gardens.

Nose dive into your blooms and take in the fresh, fiery and inebriating scents that are yet to be discovered! 


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