Dr Mother Nature

We can be thankful to Mother Nature for a plethora of reasons; not only her ability to craft fantastically jaw-dropping scenery, but to sculpt the numerous species of plant and shrub, each with their own individual traits, habits and characteristics.

Over the years, nature has formed an integral part of peoples livelihoods and health and it is believed that there is a plant or plant substance, that will cure any illness imaginable.

Plants and their medicinal uses can be traced back over thousands of years, for tangible herbal remedies or used during healing rituals. It wasn't until the 19th Century that scientists began to look at plant compounds more closely, extracting and experimenting where more sophisticated and accurate cures were discovered.

In today's world over 80% of the global population rely on medicine, much of which is made up of plant components - so we really would be lost (and very poorly) without our beloved Dr Mother Nature.

Benefits of Gardening

Most of us (but not all) are lucky enough to be graced by our own beautiful gardens, kindly donated by Mother Nature herself. For those without their own spaces, there are luckily plenty of public gardens, heritage spots and allotments to fall in love with.

The benefits of these outdoor spaces are endless, both mentally and physically with a recent study supporting this. Findings suggested that 88% of people find that their mental well-being is increased significantly by partaking in garden activities and by filling their empty spaces with bold and beautiful blooms.

Lets take a look at how Mother Nature can relieve our little nags and niggles:


Remedy - Gardening Activities 

It is a well known fact that most gardening activities will decrease stress levels and will help to kick start those happy endorphin's providing us with a cheery disposition and a more content attitude.

The greatest thing about gardening is the fact that we can be both energetic and relaxed at the same time. Its not often that happens!

Activities such as digging, weeding, pruning and general garden maintenance will boost self esteem levels, making us feel as though we have achieved a worthwhile goal whilst reaping the visual benefit of a colour drenched and tidy outdoor space.

Diagnosis - Nausea 

Remedy - Ginger

Ginger is a tried and tested, and very effective method to help relieve many niggling health problems.

Even with all the tablets, pills and potions on supermarket shelves today, I still prefer to use traditional methods to help ease problems with  nausea, motion sickness and to provide relief to digestive problems. What a handy little perennial!

Diagnosis - Insomnia  

Remedy- Lavender

I am certain that most of us at some point have had issues with regards to sleep - whether it is due to stress, screaming children or joint pain. Lack of sleep will really test our limits and cause intense frustration - which makes a new day unbearable.

We mope around like zombies, and swallow as much caffeine based products as possible.

However, with many thanks to Dr Mother Nature, we can soothe the pain from sleep deprivation and all the other niggles that are associated. Lavender - increasingly grown for essential oils will aid in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and depression. Alongside oils, products such as lavender candles, salts and scents will instantly alleviate these pangs - whether this is a placebo or not, it certainly works for me!

Diagnosis - Burns and abrasions

Remedy - Calendula 

Calendula (Marigold) has been used in medicine for many centuries.

The health problems that this will resolve are endless. Traditionally it has been used to treat minor burns, injuries, sprains and conjunctivitis.

Full of anti-oxidants, these plants will protect body cells from damage and will increase the functionality of our immune system.

Diagnosis - High Fever

Remedy - Dandelions

Although often thought of as an intrusive and unsightly weed, there is a reason why Dandelions exist and grace our gardens so profusely.

With high levels of Vitamin C, Dandelions will aid in the suppression of a fever by building a stronger immune system. Other health issues that are helped by Dandelions include Anaemia, Weight Loss, Liver Disorder and Diabetes.

A good all rounder I would say!


If researched, you should find a plant for every problem, and if not I shall await for these to be discovered. Plants just seem to become more marvellous and more useful every day!

Have you found solace in any of these remedies? What plants or gardening activities help you?

I would love to hear from you!



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