Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

There was plenty of hope put aside for this week starting at my family home in Dorset on the weekend. The sky was awash with bright azure tones and there was not one cloud in sight – the optimism of summer had arrived and I exhaled with sheer elation that I would no longer have to wear long sleeves to work (yippee!!).  I wanted to leave the house in the morning and feel the warmth beating down on my skin, soaking up as much of the sun as possible, before having to admire it through a window.

Whilst at home, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting under the large silver birch tree in the garden, absorbing the colour and textures from the plants in the borders and inhaling the tantalising BBQ fumes that were billowing across the lawn. 

Beautiful purple tones in the garden border

As we sat down for lunch, a vase of freshly cut flowers took centre stage on the table – Of course!

Beautiful yellow Rose picked straight from the garden 

There is so much joy to be taken from cutting our own garden blooms from our own flower beds and borders, gently fitting them into the perfect sized glassware for the dining room, mantelpiece or coffee table.

I was also thrilled to see the return of a few of my personal favourites:




The recent weather has also provided a well earned rest for our plants, with relief from the battering rain and heavy winds that had trampled and ruined some of our favourite perennials. It was a chance for each bloom head to grasp as much sun as possible - without forgetting to dust off the watering cans and hose pipes to keep them hydrated. 

Main border in the garden

The back of this border would ordinarily have contained a row of beautifully coloured Lupins, bursting with a variety of colour and providing structure against smaller companion plants. Unfortunately, they suffered in the battle against the elements and the rain ultimately diminished their chances of survival, rotting them at the base. This was such a sad defeat, as these impressive blooms really enhanced the overall impact of this border. I hope we will have more success next year.


Back in Worcestershire, the weather continued to delight us, with Tuesday recorded as the hottest day of the year - and didn't we know it! 

Although indoors most of the day, it was lovely to finally stay out long into the night without the cold poking and prodding us to go indoors. 

Picnic time for a couple enjoying the sunshine
It has been great to get out and about with our hats and t-shirts, packing away the jumpers and umbrellas (for the time being) and I am hopeful that the warm weather will continue through to this forthcoming weekend. 

Sunshine inevitably brightens our moods and radiates a halo over our natural surroundings. Regardless of age and interests, flowers will always catch our eye when they cascade alongside pavements and outside spaces and this is elevated on a bright sunny day - I am thankful to mother nature for providing us with some much needed sunshine, highlighting the beauty within our gardens and making us appreciate how lucky we are to live in a place that holds an abundance of lush greenery and natural beauty.


Do you feel as though you have made the most out of the weather so far? Has it been as hot where you are in the UK? Have you been abroad and missed the heatwave?
I would love to hear from you.



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