Going Bonkers for Bulbs

After spending two sun-saturated weeks away in America, I almost feel as though I am now finished with summer, returning to a much cooler, grey and rainy UK.

It was a sad state of affairs that whilst on my return to Hayloft on Wednesday, I was forced to turn the car heater on in the morning- It is August! I was left exasperated at this notion and it only accentuated the painful holiday blues that one has to overcome.

Time to plan the next adventure I guess!

Anyway, enough about me - I hope I find everyone well and that their has been time to absorb the abundance of colour, fragrance and overall beauty that has overtaken our gardens in previous weeks.

I wish that our summer gardens could delight us a little while longer but I do equally love the change in seasonality and the transition from summer to autumn. I adore the rich warming tones and shades that glow in ultimate luxuriance and that wonderful crunch that your feel below your feet as you walk beneath the trees.

I know this may seem a little premature for some but I believe that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail so here goes...


Yes, I am afraid we have hit that time in the year again where we ask ourselves 'Where have the last few months gone?'

If you are happy to have your summer reverie bubble temporarily removed for the time being, then keep reading. If not, please keep reading but take note for the following weeks!

The inspiration for this weeks blog links nicely to our impending Autumn and Bulb Catalogue that will soon appear on your doorsteps.

To shake away the summer haze (only for a moment though), imagine picking out your favourite spring bloomers, planting out a clean, fresh row of bulbs in the autumn that are easy to grow and maintain. The care required for bulbs is very different to the nurture and time needed to develop young plants, so bulbs are the perfect option for those who are time limited.

Here are a few timeless classics with the aim to inspire you in preparation for autumn.


Allium blooms are currently one of my favourite plants and I hope you also share the love for them. 

They are often best known for their medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities, and are not only a beautiful plant to admire, but have vital practical purposes.

Their versatility is shown further with their ability to enhance the flavour of many recipes, as they are a close relation to the onion family.  

They will enhance any border by providing elegance and structure, alongside producing spectacular ornamental interest in vases or jugs. 


A classic plant, ranging in a series of bold or subtle tones, dependant on your taste - rest assured that there is a anemone out there just for you. 

A delicate rug of daisy-like blooms will smother spring flower beds and borders, creating soft, undulating ground cover. What could be better?!

Try planting these in a woodland setting or large expanse beneath shrubbery to craft a truly stunning spectacle.  


Crocus will scorch the frozen fragments of winter, thrusting a fresh burst of colour to the spring season.

If you require decent ground cover, look no further as this will answer your prayers, creating a carpet of delicate bloom heads which will make an outstanding impact throughout the entirety of spring.

Narcissus (Daffodils)

Our beloved daffodil is the widely used term for the botanical genus ‘Narcissus’. 

I don't know about you, but I get a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling when I see the first daffodil buds appear in early spring - I just love it!

These popular and cherished blooms are the epitome of impending sunshine and will flourish throughout the spring season in abundance. 


When I think of spring, I always conjure up the spectacular vision of Tulip fields. Personally, alongside daffodils, they symbolise fresh new beginnings and the epitome of spring.

Tulips will fail to astonish you with the shear variety of colour and form displayed. 

These blooms will provide a lavish and luxuriant richness to your flower beds and borders whilst creating an exceptional centre piece as cut flowers within the home. 

Have you already started looking for spring flowering bulbs to plant this autumn? 

I cannot wait to start planning out a brand new setting for my bulbs - I will keep you posted! I hope you let me know how you get on too. 



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