Fancy Foliage

I don't know if it is just me, but recently I have gained a very strange obsession with foliage. I never thought my preferences would detract from beautifully abundant bloom heads, but it looks as though it has! Remarkable!

My new found love for plants with coloured and variegated foliage has been eye opening, and has inspired me to purchase some of these wonderful shrubs and plants for my brand new garden. I have recently moved house and my first thought was "What on earth shall I do in the garden?". The garden does not have a lawn at present but there is plenty of scope to experiment and think about new ideas to work around this factor. It also means I can buy an endless amount of pots for my endless amount of foliage based plants!

I'll share some of my favourites with you:

Heucherella Sweet Tea


If you have read some previous blogs you would already know that I bang on about these all the time. Yes, I do love these a lot a lot a lot.

I love the shape of the leaves - the perfectly sculpted outline and the patterned face of elaborate dark veins and changeable shades of colour.


I have been exposed to Hosta on a regular basis at a number of shows I have been to just recently.

They are highly impressive perennials with large shiny leaves and beautiful yet subtle variegation. When seen in context, they are a magnificent plant and a must have when looking to create a foliage based bed or border.

Berberis thunbergii Coronita


This particular variety of Berberis is quite incredible, fashioning an exquisite shade of intense purple and a perfect bright lime-green outline, pronouncing the vibrancy of these plants.

If you need to add some variety to your flower beds and borders, this is the plant for you and would look fantastic with both low and tall growing companion plants.

Cornus alba sibirica Variegated


I love the subtlety of Cornus' foliage and the gentle way in which it sways in the wind with elegance and class.

When planted amongst companion trees and shrubs, these will make a pleasing addition to your gardens by enhancing both architecture and interest.

Yet again, this is another variegated shrub that oozes charm, changing colour during the autumn, with the inclusion of cream flower heads and bluish white berries.

Slender red stems turn bright crimson during the winter, providing exotic warmth when the weather is cold and the ground is frosty.

Begonia Garden Angel Plum


This stunning Begonia Garden Angel Plum displays the most incredible clumps of shimmering metallic foliage.

Sensational rich plum overtones and intricate black veins showcase a divine display within flower beds and borders.

Red blooms poke their little heads above these large leaves sparking further interest during August and September.

 I really love how unique these plants are, and it is a certainty that they will be making an appearance in my little garden in the near future.

Have you been impressed by this fancy selection of foliage? Do you have a bed or border dedicated to foliage based plants and shrubs? Alternatively are you not a fan of our foliage friends?
If you have something that is rather unusual in your garden, please feel free to send me your photographs!


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