September Checklist

You may think it is time to pack away some of the tools, but no no no - think again my lovely Hayloft friends. There is a lot to be done within this busy and beautiful month.

Oh - and before I begin, has anyone else noticed that the evenings are beginning to draw in now? I must have had my head up in the clouds (no surprise there) as it only dawned on me last night that by 8 o'clock I was driving home in partial light. I had to do a double take on my in-car clock. 

Back to the tasks and chores at hand - It is an exciting time, yet again, in our gardens as nature transitions into autumn and readies itself for cooler temperatures. If you are unsure of what you need to prepare, take a little look at the checklist below as this will help you to decide which jobs to prioritise and undertake:


Erysimum (Wallflowers)
 - It is time to plant Erysimum (wallflowers) and pansies alongside other spring bedding varieties in pots and borders.

 - Collect ripened seeds and store them in a cool dry place, ready to sow in Autumn. 
Tip: Label your seeds so that you know exactly what you are planting and where, for the following season. We all like to think we will remember the varieties at the time of planting but the likelihood is slim. 

- Plant up your Autumnal favourites to create fabulous seasonal colour, such as Heuchera! ( I don't know if you noticed, but I do really love Heuchera)

- Start to bring plants indoors that are intolerant to colder temperatures. These can be placed within a greenhouse or conservatory if not suitable within the home. 

Narcissus (Daffodil) 

- If you wish and have space, divide and replant perennial plants after the flowering period. 

- Plant spring flowering bulbs such as Allium, Narcissus (Daffodils) and Hyacinthus - these can be planted within both borders and containers. 

- Take cuttings from plants such as Salvia and Fuchsia. 

- Tidy up any hedging and shrubbery before the cold weather sets in, as this will maintain a healthier and pleasing structure and shape. 

- Keep lawns tidy by ensuring it is regularly cut - this will decrease as we delve further into the autumn and winter.  
Treat time for this hungry bird
- Place netting over ponds and fountains to stop leaves from falling in and rotting. 

- Stake any autumn and winter flowering plants if it is required, to prevent damage in adverse weather conditions. 

- Clean bird feeders and tables.

I wish you luck with your September Checklist - I hope I have not missed anything too crucial! 
If you undertake different tasks to the ones mentioned as part of your September routine, please let me know and I will certainly add these to the list. 

Have the most marvellous weekend - I hope the weather is nice wherever you are in the country.


  1. Really well written Becky! Just right amount of info and not too technical. Pleasure to read. Look forward to more. I'll keep eyes open.

  2. Really well written Becky! Just right amount of info and not too technical. Pleasure to read. Look forward to more. I'll keep eyes open.

  3. Thank you Viv! I don't like to get too technical with my wording etc - I like to think I can talk to people of all abilities and aim to inspire without putting people off. I tend to make sure a new blog is uploaded every Friday unless I am on holiday or out of the office. I am so glad you enjoyed it.


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