The Golden Nugget

October is drawing to a close and November is just around the corner. I am still in shock by how quickly this year has flown by already. 

Correct me if I am wrong but here in the Midlands luck has embraced us in the form of mild weather (for the time of year) and very little rainfall. It does always seem that when rain descends, my washing is always out on the line. 

Anyway, what does this weeks Blog title relate to? What is the golden nugget? 

For me the golden nugget is the month of October. Why is this so? 

Well, when I think of October, I envisage burnt and golden shades of changeable leaves, golden pumpkins and butternut squash, golden candles that have started to illuminate windowsills and mantle pieces. October is a little treasure, providing us with some of natures finest work.   

This golden time of year also means Halloween - I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of Halloween. I have never studied its origin and so therefore do not fully understand the concept. I am easily scared and even as a child I did not enjoy congregating with other children that were dressed as frightening zombie-like characters. 

Will you be carving pumpkins this year?
Yummy pumpkin soup

However with that said, I do love the idea of pumpkin carving, mustering up unique dishes from a good years harvest. 

Pumpkin carving is also a great activity to undertake with little ones, who often feel a great sense of pride when they can showcase their very own masterpiece outside the front door, complete with an abundance of lights and decoration.  

In the past my attempt at pumpkin carving has been incredibly poor. I tend to choose very ambitious designs that only artists, sculptors or architects could accomplish. Maybe this year I will opt for a simple smiley face. 

Another delight to October is the colour changes which should spur on a visit to an Arboretum. 

I have attended Westonbirt Arboretum for the past two years around this time and have been in awe on both occasions. If you are free this weekend, I urge you to find an Arboretum nearby. Now is the perfect time to go! 

This tree was the first in its group to turn.

A blanket of  fallen leaves

Beautiful burnt shades of brown, red and yellow

The perfect autumnal pathway

Scorched leaves of fiery red - a real head turner

Dark tentacle-like branches with blazing red leaves

This is only a taster of what to expect at Westonbirt, and I am sure at any Arboretum in the country. It is a lovely day out with fun activities for children and designated routes for dog walkers. There are also plenty of places to eat with a fantastic choice of food alongside hot and cold drinks (I recommend the hot chocolate).

Would you agree and class October as your nugget of gold? A little piece of treasure to cherish as we head into Winter.

What do you love about October? Will you be carving out any pumpkins this weekend or alternatively indulging in a long autumnal walk?

Let me know!



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