Doug the Hayloft Pug

This weeks Blog is completely unrelated to the garden (sorry!),  but to celebrate the start of the new year I just wanted to showcase a little bit of fun that we have been having in the office during 2016 with our furry office pal Doug the Pug. 

We really know how to push the boat out here at Hayloft! 

Doug was introduced to the office by Yvonne's son Alex, who met him whilst on a University night out. He was brought into the office and we became completely smitten adopting him as our office pet.  
Doug has become part of the furniture and we have been keen to introduce him to many an adventure with various staff members: 

Towards the end of summer, Doug took a trip to the QVC studios in London with David Pontin (our lovely Hayloft presenter) to see how the show was put together whilst meeting, greeting and causing general chaos amongst the crew and production team.  

He is quite the natural crew member! 


Not only has Doug travelled the UK, but he is now a frequent flyer, obtaining many air miles...

 In August, Doug experienced his first long haul flight and went on a trip with Georgina to New York. He joined the family on many day trips and was even lucky enough to obtain a last minute ticket to watch a baseball match at the Yankee Stadium.  

His fitness levels were challenged immensely when he was confronted with numerous heights of stairs, hitching elevators where possible to reach the pinnacle of the Empire State Building.

He was a little nervous, but he eventually overcame his fears, hanging off the edge of the railings! What a little daredevil!  

To add a little culture to his trip, Doug was taken to the artists corner in New York - an area that showcases the best street art of amateur creatives in the city.

After his excursions climbing tall buildings and testing his bravery levels, I think Doug was relieved to find a coffee shop, where he could sit down and indulge in the finest of patisseries and drinks in the City.

Once arriving back from the States, Doug was off again on his adventures, taking trips to both Ibiza with Alison and Menorca with Jess. 

There is no rest for the wicked. 

He was lucky enough to steal the window seat on this occasion.

It was time to sit back and relax in the sun with a cold beverage or two whilst catching some rays and topping up the tan from America. 

Of course an afternoon nap is always required after a long day in the sun ... 

Whilst in Menorca, things were a little more subdued...

Chocolate milk was a favourite tipple of choice.

On Doug's return to the UK, he was greeted by Mary who took him to a local festival, complete with neon lights, rain coats and sloe gin.

After sleepless nights, loud music and many an hour dancing and socialising, Doug was well and truly shattered.

He craved another trip away -
Doug had caught the travel bug and after a fortnight of well-earned rest he was heading for a few days away with Clair. 

The bikini diet was out the window and ice-cream was definitely on the menu ...

As the summer drew to a close, Doug's adventures grew fewer. He was keeping us company in the office for prolonged periods of time, enjoying the festive atmosphere before we broke up for the Christmas break - and he was doing a mighty fine job.

However we couldn't let Doug say goodbye to 2016 without experiencing one last trip away. After Christmas, Clair was heading to Disneyland Paris with the family and Doug was more than happy to join in on their excursion.

He has really embraced the spirit of Disney by purchasing his own set of Mickey Mouse ears. I think he looks truly adorable.

What a lucky little pug - and what fun we have had taking him on our trips away. 


2017 is the start of new adventures, challenges and goals to experience, achieve and attempt. I know that Doug has a whole new bucket list to complete. Do you? What do you hope to have achieved by this time next year?

I hope you all enjoy your New Year celebrations wherever you are, and I look forward to catching up again on the 3rd January!


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