Fail to prepare, prepare to fail...

Christmas is fast approaching and I am sure most of us will enjoy the time spent indulging on turkey and endless portions of mince pies and pudding, whilst spending prolonged periods on the sofa.

Whilst we delve into a delightful food coma, we may wish to start thinking about our aims and aspirations for the new year with regards to our garden.

We need to start preparing once again for a brand new season. What do your want from your outside space during 2017? How much work, time and money are you willing to spend on your garden? Are you looking to undertake a complete overall?

Personally I would like to implement a full force of hanging baskets and pots whilst creating my own little sanctuary of calm and relaxation. A fire pit would be nice somewhere too!

So what do we need to start thinking about  for now and in the new year?

Take a peak outside and look at your gardens. What do you love about it and what could be improved? What would you like to see this summer? There are so many styles and designs that can be incorporated within any shape and size of garden - even for those of you who have very little outside space. It is always possible to create a theme.

Before we go ahead and look at oodles of magazines, websites and catalogues we must ensure we are working with a clean canvas. After we have indulged ourselves to the maximum, we may wish to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors and shed a few of those extra pounds we have gained.

December Task List:

  • Clean up untidy beds that may have weeds and fallen leaves that may not have been removed from the autumn.
  • Cut back unsightly growth from pots, containers and baskets and mulch with compost.
  • Ensure tender plants are kept well protected from Jack Frost.
  • Work in organic matter to your soil to make it easier when planting in the new season. 
  • Keep an eye out for pests and diseases removing affected growth. 
  • Apply a mulch to plants that are border-line Hardy.
  • Take hardwood cuttings

New Year Task List:

Don't let the January blues take over. It is hard to get back into a routine of set meal times and early mornings. The decorations are down and we have a whole new year to look forward to. Lets start thinking about spring when we see our old and new favourites appear from beyond the muddy grave.

Before we can enjoy our gardens once more, it may be wise to get your wellies back on:

  • Prune vines, birch and mulberry bushes to a simple framework to prevent any bleeding.
  • In times of milder conditions, you should plant deciduous shrubs and trees.
  • Clean unused pots and containers.
  • Ensure you leave vital food and water out for birds and wildlife. 
  • Make sure all tender plants are protected. 
  • Take root cuttings. 
  • Clean sheds and greenhouses.

By maintaining attentiveness to your garden you will be thankful for undertaking these tasks as spring approaches. Get ahead now and take some time away from the sofa and the turkey between Christmas and New Year!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend in preparation for next week.


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