This week's blog is short (but hopefully sweet) and is an opportunity for me to reflect on the intricate and exquisite artwork I have seen during the past few days, conjured and crafted by Mother Nature herself.

Jack Frost really has been hard at work weaving his/her way delicately through cobwebs and over bare branches whilst coating blades of grass and foliage with a glistening and crystallized sheen.

The journey to work this week has seemed eerily quiet too. I wasn't leaving any earlier or later than usual - it was a normal working day, no different to the days and weeks beforehand. 

I felt as though I had missed a 'day off work' memo. Although slightly unnerving, I was able to absorb the intense beauty of the frost covered landscape before me without the hustle and bustle of traffic. 

Undulating hills in the distance were covered in a  frost layer so thick it could have been mistaken for snow. 

I regret that I was unable to stop and take photos on my commute- the camera on my phone would not have done the landscape any justice either.

On arrival to work I noticed that the lake had frozen over - The perfect opportunity for some ice skating perhaps?

I wouldn't dare risk it, as tempting as this was. The ice did not look thick enough to take the weight of even a bird, let alone me!

My colleague Mary was kind enough to share some of her imagery with me due to my lack of picture taking.

Ghostly tentacle- like branches drape over a scenic winter landscape, with scarce remaining foliage  drooping like pendants to signify the end of Autumn.  

A picture perfect countryside view. 

A thick coating of frost was delivered to these trees. A visual masterpiece that could never be re-created by man (or if it could, I would like to see someone try)

Thank you Mary for these wonderful images - This is a personal favourite of mine. 


I love that the frost particles prickle out like miniature spikes. They almost look like fine hairs standing on end, and it provides a wonderful texture to the 'average' and everyday objects we would normally ignore. 

Please feel free to share some of the images you've snapped this week. Frost really can make things look so different and even more beautiful.

Let me know if you have had snow this week or whether you have basked in glorious sunshine, laughing away at the notion of frosty, cold mornings.

I would love to hear from you.

Let me know what you would love to read about in the future. Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather! 


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