Once a year spread Christmas cheer

I am from a rather large and close family, being the third of four children. This family of mine is continuously expanding with children popping out left, right and centre. This has made and continues to make Christmas a great time for me.

Back in January,  I moved away from my family in Dorset, settling down here in Worcester. Being back home for Christmas, I will cherish spending time with all of my family, even more so than usual!  

Having young nieces and nephews has re-introduced the magical nature of Christmas and although hectic, I love to see the excitement etched across their gorgeous little faces.

As soon as December arrives, I will always begin to meticulously plan present making, present buying, gift wrapping and food consumption.

Between parties, Christmas markets and social gatherings I try to make some of my own decorations as I love a little personal touch to the items in my home.

Last year it was wine bottle ornaments, this year I am attempting to make a wreath.

I will let you know how I get on with this later on as I have yet to find much spare time to start this, let alone finish it!

One thing I have managed to achieve on a rare and quiet Saturday afternoon is chutney making which I will eventually deliver to neighbours, family and friends (alongside keeping a large jar for myself of course!).

Time permitting again, I will make some sweet chilli jam too as this went down very well last year. Lets just hope I can replicate the same tasty recipe!

I was also able to put up the tree and wrap a few presents.

Hayloft Family Build Up to Christmas:

How has our Hayloft family introduced Christmas spirit?

The Customer Care team were busy decorating their office on the evening of the 30th November, ready to surprise the rest of us the following day:

As I am in the office next door, I now have a lovely view of the Christmas Tree from my desk.

Our annual Christmas Party is being held this evening, complete with turkey dinners, glamorous outfits and party tunes. It is always nice to see people outside of the working environment.

We have also been busy creating a new Christmas Gifts Page on our website homepage:

Take a look and see what you can find to give those you love this year. If you're feeling ultra festive, why not treat yourself in the process?
The introduction of our Christmas page has meant that the packing shed and greenhouse has been full of Christmas Trees, Camellia, Wreaths and Reindeer. I also have a pretty good view of this from where I sit - I am very lucky to have been positioned where I am!

We also decided to undertake Secret Santa. Those who wanted to join in signed up and names were drawn out of a hat. Presents will be left for our designated partners in a special place until we are ready to open them before we finish closer to Christmas.

What have you been doing at home, work, school or in the community to get you ready and in the spirit for Christmas?

Let me know what you have you arranged as I love to hear your stories.

Send me a message on social media or email me!


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