Blaze of Beauty

The title of this week’s blog does not give much away about the focus of my inspiration.  

It can and should be argued that there are many a plant and shrub that legitimately should and could be titled 'blaze of beauty’, but for today I have awarded this prize to Hypericum Magical Beauty. 

You might ask why this is.  

Well ... I was gaily working my through a list of tasks and was thinking about the content of this week’s blog. I flitted about the website, which always offers encouragement and I of course found many a delectable and delightful plant, whilst unknowingly bypassing Hypericum on numerous occasions.

I am the sort of individual that is drawn by intense colour, patterns and shapes.
Look at the above image of the Hypericum Magical Beauty. This aptly named plant is like a magical spell that will leave you in awe of it's beauty and magnificence. Assess the bulbous shaped berries that are supported by a ‘peter pan’ style green collar of small, splaying leaves. These are supported by thick stems and a plinth of voluptuous dark-green foliage.

This plant ticks pretty much most of the preferences stated in my criteria. That should and would normally force this plant into Becky’s Hall of Flowering Fame (I should really set this up). 

After slapping myself on the wrists, slowing down and taking the time out to analyse this beautiful flowering shrub a little better, I found that I should never bypass such finery again. Every plant, shrub and tree offers their own individual definition and elements of beauty. Why did I overlook this? Who knows! Maybe I have been conditioned to take notice of those that are not so understated and modest. 

Exquisite features of protruding stamens, voluptuous berries and intriguing foliage 

Hypericum Magical Beauty is an intriguing dwarf, semi-evergreen shrub with an abundance of glossy, dark-green foliage. Striking golden-yellow flowers burst from eager buds like revived sun beams, boasting long stamens with petals that fling backward, proudly showcasing their elegance and beauty throughout the summer months. Masses of pale salmon-pink or red berries follow on, continuously creating a revival of colour and interest.

This shrub is a fully hardy perennial which will grow to an approximate height and spread of 90cm (36”) which make it the perfect compact bush for smaller gardens or planters. They can be positioned in an area of full sun or part shade in well-drained soil and may require a light prune in spring. Their generous flowering and fruiting has made this a new favourite of mine and their low maintenance and laid back habit make this perfect for those with limited time.  

There is too much interest to just ignore Hypericum - I am intrigued by the amount of detail that is carefully crafted into this shrub. There is so much going - almost like a fine display of fireworks. 

That is why this has become a blaze of beauty - bursting into buoyancy with flair and uniqueness.

What are your thoughts on my choice for this week? Would you agree?


  1. Is this variety susceptible to rust as some hypericums are very prone to this desease ?

    1. It does appear as though this variety has a resistance to rust - which make its appeal greater!

  2. Any hypericum is wonderful for flower arranging love it. I have this one but would like one with a dark red berry


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