Fire-cracking Crocosmia

Who has been looking at the Hayloft Facebook wall this week?

If you did, you may have seen my post on Crocosmia Emily McKenzie.

It really is a fire-cracker and I wish they could sear their way through the icy tentacles of a frosty January. Although summer flowering, this plant has provided some much needed warmth this week, as the weather in the Midlands has taken a nose dive into cooler climates.

I have been daydreaming about many spring and summer flowering blooms this week - I am looking forward to leaving the house without scraping away enough ice on the car to cater a rink every morning.

There are many Crocosmia varieties on offer, each with variable flowering times and colour. Originating from South Africa, these spectacular blooms are extremely reliable and robust, returning to greet you like a long lost friend with each passing season.

In order to grow Crocosmia effectively, they need to be positioned in a sunny spot with plenty of good, fertile soil. Watch them thrive, forming tight clumps which produce plenty of colourful and vibrant flowers.

Crocosmia will eventually grow large enough for you to divide, enabling you to double and triple your stock of plants - what could be better!?

Take a look at some of the other Crocosmia varieties we offer here at Hayloft:

Crocosmia Lucifer has an award of garden merit and it is easy to see why. They produce arching flower-stems of the most vivid orange-red flowers during August and September with divine saffron scented leaves. 

Crocosmia ‘Carmine Brilliant’ is a lovely variety with upright stems of up to 60cm. The grassy foliage sits neatly beneath the vibrant orange flowers that appear in exotic swathes. 

Crocosmia ‘EmilyMcKenzie’ is a long flowering variety with arching stems of bright orange flowers with splashes crimson. These flowers bloom from August to October.

Crocosmia ‘Babylon’ produces downward-facing bright orange flowers that are much wider than other varieties. Broad star-like flowers are ideal to create a vibrant, dramatic border throughout the summer period.

Crocosmia ‘John Boots’ is a sunny yellow variety. It’s clump-forming habit produces upright, long sword leaves of mid-green. During midsummer to autumn they produce arches of vibrant yellow, funnel-shaped flowers.

Crocosmia Orange Pekoe will lighten up autumnal beds and borders with flair and vibrancy matching the colour scheme for the time of year. Blooms are held high over clumps of lance-shaped foliage producing a mass of boldness and warmth.

Have I managed to produce an influx of warmth?

I hope so!

If not, at least it will enable you to join me in my summer day-dreams.


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