Time to Shine

There was much excitement surrounding last week's blog when we were all starting to notice signs of life in our flower beds, borders and pots. Since last Friday, much has developed and we are being exposed to even more splendour and colour.

Earlier this week I conducted a poll on our Twitter page to determine the most popular spring flowering bloom. Daffodil won hands down, receiving a huge 41% of the vote. Would you agree with this or do your preferences lie elsewhere?

Narcissus Double Smiles

Beautiful Disaster 

The official and botanical name for a Daffodil is 'Narcissus'.

Some of you may be familiar with the well-known Greek Myth about a fine and handsome young man named Narcissus. Narcissus was said to have been granted permanent and immortal good looks by the Gods, (What a shame eh?) although was forbidden to admire his own reflection.

One day, Narcissus was discovered hunting in the woods by a young lady named Echo. He took her breathe away and she fell in love instantly. Unfortunately Echo's advances were starkly rejected, causing ultimate heartbreak. Her incessant pining made all but her voice fade.

The goddess Nemesis was outraged and took it upon herself to take revenge. She lured Narcissus to a glistening lake where he was unable to resist his own reflection. As he sat admiring his perfectly formed face, he gradually started to disappear from sight and suffered the same fate as poor Echo.

In his place sprung a glorious golden flower supported by divine lance-shaped leaves.

Narcissus was re-born.

Garden Favourites

Over many hundreds of years on this earth, Daffodils have become one of the best-loved garden blooms and we can thank the Romans for introducing them into the British landscape.

There are more varieties of  this flower than we realise, yet they all have the same effect on our behaviour. They have this incredible ability to etch the largest of grins to one's face, with their very own infectious and cheerful disposition.

From top left to right: Lingerie, Erlicheer, Barrett Browning
From mid left to right: Jetfire, Sinopel, Sunny Girlfriend
From bottom left to right: Trepolo, Double Smiles, Pipit

Easy Maintenance

Daffodils are low maintenance once in bloom. They should be watered when very little rainfall has occurred and when the soil becomes dry to the touch. As your flowers fade, it is recommended that you deadhead plants, allowing the foliage to remain for at least 6 weeks. Make sure that you leave Daffodils in place until they completely die off as they will need to use their foliage to store energy for the following year. You may remove dead plants by cutting them at the base or gently twisting and pulling the leaves.


It is truly amazing the difference in colour, shape, form and size offered by this one particular genus. Do you have a favourite variety? What have you planted in your own garden?

I am yet to meet an individual who has a bad word to say against these bold and brazen spring beauties. I love the atmospheric buzz that they bring to people after a perpetually long and dank winter.

I hope that in the forthcoming few days we can spot yet more Daffs in bud and bloom.

Please feel free to share any photographs whilst on your travels.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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