A Taste of the Tropics

I hope that many of you have already planned your garden design for this year with some plants and shrubs already in their allocated position. However for those of you that may want a change of scenery or who are still dwelling on the perfect garden setting, I may have the perfect style for you that will bring with it a taste of the tropics.

What is this mad idea I hear you say!

Have you ever thought of  creating your own pocket of the Mediterranean within your very own back garden here in the UK? 

A laughable idea to some. 

The notion of creating a slice of the Mediterranean in the UK with a climate like ours is just ridiculous surely? Okay - so the sunshine may only indulge us sporadically and most of us are not blessed with the addition of a glistening swimming pool and outdoor cocktail bar, but we can enlighten our gardens with warmth and exoticism nonetheless. 

Why would this make the perfect garden design? 
There are many reasons. 

We all feel rejuvenated and rested after being on holiday, so why limit this to those few weeks a year when we manage to get away from it all. I want to bring a sense of calm and relaxation at all times - during the days when work has been tough, when the children and grandchildren have been testing, when we have been non-stop, when we are sad and when we want to reflect. 

A Mediterranean garden will whisk you away to warmer and happier climates with an abundance of hot tones, plumy textures and intense fragrance. A glamorous garden setting where unusual and exotic blooms take centre stage in key focal points.  An alluring aspiration to many of us who require tranquil serenity.

Credit to:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jayscratch/4793735683/in/photostream/

You can create a Mediterranean garden almost anywhere so long as you have a site that has exposure to a sheltered, sunny spot with well-drained soil. You may wish to amend heavy soil with a generous amount of organic matter and mix thoroughly to the native area to improve drainage whilst enriching the planting area.

Mediterranean gardens bring exotic tones to any style with the inclusion of palms, climbing vines and colourful containers and structures.

Plant a climbing Lonicera that will not only produce elegance and colour but will also exude sumptuous scents, increasing the visitation of local bees and butterflies. 

Invest in plenty of mosaic features and distressed terracotta pots of differing shades to bring a warming and exotic touch, reminiscent of the style.

Fragrant herbs such as Lavender are an attractive choice alongside pathways and at the entrance of buildings. Include palms such as Trachycarpus that will grace a pot or border with a hint of the tropics throughout summer. Citrus trees will conjure an alluring aroma, allowing you to reminisce about holidays of the past with sweet scents of lemon and orange. Flowers such as coreopsis and agapanthus are best planted in small batches to create swathes of dreamy structure and colour too.

Succulents and cacti will also bring an exotic flair to the garden within pots and containers. Their ability to store water makes them a low maintenance addition too which is perfect for those who wish to spend the evening with their feet up. They are striking and architectural, creating that much desired talking point with neighbours and guests. 

So ... what do you think? Have I done enough to entice you?

In my opinion, a Mediterranean garden is the perfect getaway without needing to spend a small fortune on flights and summer clothes. A dreamy and romantic space to enjoy and relax. I hope you all manage to have a lovely and relaxing weekend where we may see some signs of sunshine! Fingers crossed! 



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