Coffee & Catch Up

A month ago today I wrote a blog about the pleasant surprises I was faced with in the garden as spring was beginning to tease its way through the soil surface. The only blooms that were evident at the time were the gorgeous pink Hellebores and radiant white snowdrops.

One month later and so much has changed.

I promised I would keep you updated on the progress of the garden and so here goes ... Put your feet up, grab a hot drink (maybe even a biscuit) and take a read of this weeks blog.

As some of you may know, back in September the garden was stripped back to a blank canvas. Everything was very overgrown and I was keen to start from scratch, making my own mark on the border, containers and baskets.

I have not been able to spend as much time in the garden as I would have liked, although I did undertake a tidy up last Saturday before being dragged away to others things.

Weeds were appearing left, right and centre which angered me every time I looked out of the window. Weeds in the patio, weeds in the gravel, weeds in the border! They were taking over and I needed to regain control.

The pots were strewn all over the place and were filled with a mixture of spring blooms and debris.

The bird bath was in pieces and there were leaves and dirt accumulating on the pathway.

If I am being honest, I was highly embarrassed and very disappointed that I had failed to find the time to nurture my garden.

I must take my fathers advice on board - 'There is always time!'

After giving myself a good talking to, the wellies were on and I was undertaking much needed garden therapy. There is no better feeling than grabbing onto those weeds and ripping their roots from between the patio and flower beds.

I moved the pots around, tidying them as I went along and divided them out between the back and the front garden.

The paving was swept and the weeds removed. I gradually pieced together the bird bath and let it take centre stage on the gravel. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the pressure hose to eradicate the murky grey etchings on the stone to unveil their original golden glory.

Flowers are emerging in colourful pockets and they are a delight to behold. Daffodils are flowering in abundance, creating large clusters of bright yellow sunshine.

The Hellebores are still going strong in a shaded and damp spot of the garden, displaying shades of pale pink and lime-green yellow. 

One pretty, lilac Hyacinthus has emerged in one of the small beds, patiently waiting for companions to join in full bloom and the Muscari are peeping beneath thick, strap-shaped foliage. 

I am so pleased to watch the progress from all the bulbs I planted and aim to start looking for some bedding plants in the next few weeks. I have already purchased some brand new hanging baskets which I would love to fill with trailing Calibrachoa or Begonia.

After seeing the glory that was being revealed outdoors, I treated myself to some colour for inside the home. 

I love cut flowers and the Roses and Lily combination were a must. 

I now have beautifully vibrant vases that embellish both the mantle piece and dining table. Yay!

Now that the evenings are getting lighter, I am determined to get out and about in the garden after work. 

I will also free up my weekend schedule as I find Sunday afternoon the perfect time to grab a spade. This is also the best opportunity to catch up with the neighbours for a chat. 

I am already daydreaming about long evenings in my summer garden with twinkling lights, comfy seating and a flaming BBQ. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself....

Have a wonderful weekend as always!


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