Bringing Eden Home

We all love the outdoors! Who doesn't?!

This makes it all the more disheartening when people say to me that they are lacking in outdoor space, with some not having any outdoor space whatsoever!

It saddens me and I wish there was something I could do to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy an expanse of lawn, a large patio area or a sweeping flower bed and border (not that I possess such a thing but at least I have a little postage stamp of space which I am grateful for!)

There is a trending theme at the moment, focused on bringing the outdoors, in. This isn't just targeted to people with limited outdoor space either. Just recently, floral patterns and foliage prints have been at the forefront of interior design too. Wallpaper patterns based on leaf shapes, voluptuously sized blooms, fruits, berries or woodland settings are increasingly appealing, combined with matching accessories comprising of cushion covers, throws, ornaments and framed prints.

Trends will always move full circle - I remember my Nan telling me the same thing when I was younger and she was right!

The concept of enlightening a house with plumy textures, colour and a general injection of peace and tranquility was a popular notion during the 60's and 70's which has made a successful comeback over the past year or so, depicting a lifestyle of sophistication and purity - perfect for the holistic-minded.

Houseplants and alike are not only for those who are reminiscent of the care-free attitudes and morals of the 60's and 70's but are also an increasingly fashionable item for the young. Social media feeds are jam-packed with lifestyle shots, perfectly preened sets and imagery of 'going green' within an urban environment, harnessing a puristic and 'at one with nature' fulfillment.

Houseplants have become an increasingly popular addition to homes where there is limited outdoor space. This is also indisputable for office environments too. Plants are a calming influence, reducing stress levels whilst increasing productivity, making them the perfect embellishment to an office desk for more than one reason.

A common pet-peeve of houseplants is the often tacky containers we leave them in. Many of us think that because they have been supplied that way, they must stay that way! 

I know I am guilty of this and tend to leave my herbs in the mundane black pots I bought them in.

Why do we often settle with what we are given? We can and should seek better! 

Make a statement feature with colourful planters. Create your own style. Put herbs in tin cans, jars or rustic wooden boxes. Put a succulent into an unused china tea cup. The possibilities are endless! 

You do not need reams of space to create your own mini sanctuary of Eden either. Fill small gaps with a large container plant or maybe collect several smaller pots to create a colourful combination with varying height and texture. This can often transform the entire look and atmosphere of a inside space. 

Perhaps if you are not blessed with floor space, you can utilise space in and around furniture, ornaments and lighting. Hanging planters are an incredibly fashionable way to showcase your favourite plants. I see this more when on my travels around inner cities. Bars and restaurants are becoming creative and innovative with their decor, combining lighting and plants to set a tranquil yet lively scene and mood. 

Plants immediately make you feel at ease when lowered over a bar or a table, almost purifying the air and atmosphere around you. 

Wall mounted masterpieces are also evident within inner cities. In fact, a 'life wall' was spotted whilst on my travels to London last weekend. I regret that I did not photograph this. If you do happen to be near the Westfield shopping centre in London, take a look. They also have a rather impressive floral stand within the centre itself. 

Whatever your preference, style or space you can always bring a little bit of the outdoors to your home or small outside spaces. Challenge yourself and get creative. I am expecting to see lots of your photographs!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend! As always, I would love to hear about your adventures.


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