Easter Treats

It is Easter Friday - the perfect time to read our latest blog post whilst absorbing the euphoric thrill of a four day weekend.

Whatever you are doing this weekend and however you choose to celebrate Easter, I hope you are able to enjoy it with friends and family.

I will be spending my time in Dorset with my ever-expanding family, taking part in birthday celebrations, garden parties and Easter egg hunts. I am hopeful for sunshine, even though it may not quite reach the temperatures that we were embraced with last weekend. My fingers are crossed nonetheless!

For those of you with a sweet tooth, I suggest you put the Easter eggs to one side for just a moment and indulge in a collection of tasty blooms instead.
The plant names are enough to satisfy a sugar-lusting palette and will appear equally as delectable within flower beds and borders.

Perhaps you should treat yourself or a family member to a little gift over the bank holiday.

Go on - I dare you...

Hebe Raspberry Ripple 

A tempting treat with sumptuous soft pink and white shades etched into intriguing blooms,  held above dark green glossy foliage that is embellished with a distinctive red hue. Raspberry Ripple is a long flowering variety lasting from June until September - even better!

Scabiosa Scoop Vanilla 

A ball of pure white deliciousness that epitomizes its title perfectly, closely resembling a heavenly scoop of refreshing vanilla ice-cream. These flowers will not only make an attractive feature within your flower beds and borders but will embellish cut flower arrangements to make a unique centre piece. They will also appeal to an abundance of passing bees and butterflies.

Deutzia x rosea Yuki Cherry Blossom

Deutzia Cherry Blossom is a voluptuous and delicious new cousin of the hydrangea family resulting from several years worth of breeding.

Beautiful pale pink blooms gracefully arch upon dark slender stems throughout late spring and early summer. A sumptuous and sweet addition to any style of garden.

Calibrachoa Blueberry Scone

If Calibrachoa Blueberry Scone does not satisfy your sweet tooth, nothing will.

Unique colour-changing blooms will fashion beds and borders, creating a fascinating and highly unusual focal point.
Even the name Blueberry Scone is enough to make you want to collect swathes (although please do not feel tempted to take a bite!)

Baptisia Lemon Meringue

Believe it or not but Baptisia are a relative of the pea family! Who would have thought it?!

Lemon Meringue will create a sweet spot within beds and borders throughout late spring and early summer creating spikes of bright yellow blooms and compact foliage.


Cosmos Double Raspberry Ripple

If this bloom were edible, it would certainly be my choice on the menu. Exquisite double blooms flecked with rippling shades of pink are held above feathery foliage from early summer into late autumn.

This variety will also make the most divine addition as a cut flower within the home.

Crocosmia Orange Pekoe

A tangy and fiery autumnal addition to beds and borders with arching sprays of brightly coloured blooms and attractive clumps of lance-shaped foliage.

Add a little citrus zest to your autumnal garden with oozing rich shades.

Orange Pekoe are fantastic cut flowers which would look magnificent within the home.


I apologise for the sugar rush that may have been experienced during your read of this week's blog. Maybe you will have to put off the demolition of Easter eggs until tomorrow!

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend, whatever the weather! I would love to know what you get up to!



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