Such a show off!

I have never been much of an attention seeker.

There are a few exceptions to the rule however. 

If I won the lottery I regret to say that I would probably splash the cash on some sort of ridiculously useless sports car - purely because I have always loved cars, I love driving and have always admired the luxurious aesthetics. 

I would also love to fill my garden with the most exotic and sought-after blooms. 
Again, perhaps this can be seen as a little pretentious - It is not meant this way. This would stem purely for my love of all things unique!

Who doesn't want to have the latest treasures in their garden, inspiring the neighbours and provoking the gossips to do what they do best. That is why we are continuously seeking the most rare and unusual plants from all over the world to bring to you!

Aptly named ‘Must Have’, the newest catalogue to the Hayloft dossier will showcase a profusion of the most vibrant, striking and intriguing plants that’ll make any passer-by stop in their tracks and gawp in both disbelief and envy. 

I have selected a few of my personal favourites with the hope that they inspire you as much as they have inspired our team here at Hayloft:

Rosa Mum in a Million

Launch full speed ahead with an award-winning Rose collection. Who would be able to resist? Voluptuous, blousy and sweetly scented blooms will form into clusters of exquisite colour, whisking you to a period of elegance and sophistication. Who doesn't love this stunning garden classic? 

Coreopsis Autumn Blush

Our new Coreopsis Collection will greet your garden with popping sparks of colour. Dazzling two-tone blooms set upon slender stems will thrive and entertain in abundant swathes, attracting a barrage of winged beauties. Why not fill beds, borders and vases with these colourful characters and craft lavish displays to astound neighbours and guests too?

Dianthus cruentus

Dianthus cruentus showcase dainty and charming cup-shaped blooms, blood red in colour to impart a powerful punch whilst neatly perching atop tall, slender and elegant stems. A marvellous contrast against it’s blue-green foliage. A must-have to attract a flurry of waltzing butterflies that’ll weave and saunter between each wiry stem. 

Phuopsis Pershore Plum 

If you wish to own a plant that will not be seen in the garden of a friend or neighbour, then look no further! An exclusive plant to Hayloft, you will not see this anywhere else! Phuopsis Pershore Plum has been produced with Hayloft at the forefront and aptly named after our stunning and historic local town. At a distance, these blooms appear feathery, growing in abundant swathes to create a blanket of vibrant colour and texture. On closer inspection, they resemble battle-axe like balls with spokes of vivacious colour.
Any committed gardener will aim to match-make plants to pack a punch - this has already been done for you with this collection. Delosperma Jewel of the Desert Collection creates vibrant swathes of colour in complementary colours to produce a flawless blanket of ground cover, weaving their way through companion plants with style and flair. 

Lavatera Barnsley Baby

If you wish to create a modern stance on a classic garden style, the Lavatera x clementii collection is a must for you. Ideal set in flower beds or containers, these versatile beauties fashion majestic, heart-shaped foliage and tight clusters of hollyhock-like blooms all summer long. These bountiful blooms will allow you to create bundles of lavish bouquets too. Alternatively mix with the perfect companion plants to create striking displays within the home.   

Erigeron aurantiacus 

Blast existing plants out of the water with a blaze of glory to set your summer garden alight with sprays of intense and heat-injecting colour. Erigeron aurantiacus  closely resembles the glare of the sun with long, thin, searing petals of orange and a vivacious bright yellow centre to match. 

Monarda Bee Happy

Discover a stunning collection that is both intriguing and visually ravishing. The Monarda Bee collection display luxurious and elaborate bloom heads with a stunning dark green plinth to support a headdress of gorgeous colour. G
et guests talking!! 


Am I much of a show off? Possibly - but who cares when it comes to the garden?!

Step into the limelight and become the talking point of the town - for good reason of course!

Take a look on our website: and order your new catalogue too!


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