Tea with mum

Hasn't it been the most glorious week? 
I have finally managed to get all my washing dry on the clothes line without it first being drenched by rain and then having to re-wash it for the same thing to happen. I have also managed to sit in the garden of an evening, listening to the gentle hum of the bees, watching them waltz and bop along the blooms that are coming into fruition. I do love this time of year, although my poor pale skin cannot say the same.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying with my mother in Dorset. As she is a landscape gardener she was keen to show me her new pots and flower beds. You could almost sense the buzz and excitement that is about to explode in the garden within the next few weeks. As we were sat in the garden with our cups of tea, I couldn't help but grin at the colourful beauties that were gracing the garden - most of which I recognised from our catalogue of plants here at Hayloft. 


Down in the depths of the shady part of the garden were 3 stunning Kniphofia - My mum still likes to quiz me on my plants - I think I still surprise her every time! Perched on tall thick stems, they really shine a light in this otherwise dull and dark space.

Sunning itself in the sunshine was this stunning bright yellow Lupin. As you can see, there will be many more making an appearance in this flower bed.


I am glad to have caught these before they finish for the season. An electrifying tone of blue and purple to radiate through lush green foliage.


A glorious white Osteospermum - I love the flecks of purple that highlights the central part of this plant to magnificent effect. Perfectly sculpted petals may this a personal favourite. I love this daisy-shaped flower, taking me back to my childhood.


This Thalictrum certainly made its presence known in one of the larger flower beds, towering majestically over smaller companion plants. Gently nodding in the breeze, and stunning in colour, this is definitely a plant that has made it onto my wish list.


Modest yet marvellous, this Erysimum is delicate but stunning. A deep shade of violet, this plant packs a punch and radiates in the sunshine.


I get so excited when I see a red Lupin. I really would like one myself, however I haven't quite convinced my mum to part ways with hers yet. Maybe I need to sharpen up my persuasion techniques.


Another lovely specimen is this gorgeous Centaurea. A combination of vibrant purple and blue to make the most divine and striking bloom. The foliage is equally as pleasing - thick, lush and strap shaped. A must have!

I cannot wait to go back in a few weeks and see what else has reared from beneath the undergrowth. Another cup of tea in hand and my camera is all that is needed. 


Do me a favour would you? Either this evening or over the weekend, take a moment to sit in your favourite spot within the garden (with a cuppa and a biscuit - shhh I didn't tell you that) and look out into the space that you have created. What blooms can you see in flower? What are looking forward to seeing most? 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!!


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