Penstemon Party RSVP

I know I may be a little young to remember the famous Tupperware parties of the past but I am aware and have attended other forms of these similarly-themed gatherings.

I am always keen to set a trend, especially in the garden and I propose that we start our very own themed garden parties over the forthcoming summer months. 

How does a Penstemon party sound to you? Save the date!

What could be better than admiring a plethora of towering Penstemon whilst sipping on a fine wine and conversing with friends? (not forgetting the obligatory nibbles too).

The best thing about this idea is that we can also share our own beautiful varieties with friends, taking softwood cuttings to double our stock and expand our colour range!

If I were to host  my very own Penstemon party I think the below varieties would easily make it on my VIP guest list:

Penstemon Cha Cha Purple

Glorious, lush green foliage branch out and sit below exquisite dark purple blooms, held upon slender, delicate stems. The perfect partnership of colour and form to whet the appetite of any passer-by. 

Penstemon Apple Blossom

Pale pink blooms will not shy away into the background but will flourish in abundance with deep pink throats, flowering throughout the entirety of summer with enthusiasm.

Penstemon Snow Storm

I have seldom seen pure white Penstemon - and so this variety is a must have. Illuminating blooms will beam rays of splendour in stunning clusters at the back of any bed or border. 

Penstemon Amelia Jayne

Vibrance, warmth, passion and beauty - What more could you ask for in a summer bloom? Sensual pinky-red blooms with a glorious pale pink contrast will mesmerize your guests with unparalleled elegance and form.

Penstemon Vanilla Plum

Vanilla Plum looks good enough to eat (although please refrain from temptation!) with voluptuous and perfectly formed blooms in a stunning shade of purple - a bee and butterfly magnet too to conjure the sought-after flutter and buzz effect!

Penstemon Dark Towers

Intriguing dark stems will complement these gorgeous pale pink blooms to make this a highly desirable variety. This divine contrast is highly popular when planted alongside shrubs and foliage plants - the pale pink flecks from each bloom add a delicate yet powerful touch. 

Penstemon Raven

Sultry, dark and mysterious - an interesting and captivating variety that will get your guests talking! Not only that, they will look incredibly striking against their colour sodden companions. 

Penstemon Heavenly Blue

An electrifying shade of blue that sparks much enthusiasm and delight in our summer gardens. Heavenly blue will pack a punch at the back of a border in glorious swathes of unique and stunning colour.


What do you make of my VIP guest list? What would you like to see if you were a guest yourself? Can you see this trend taking off! Watch this space ...


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