Welly boots were made for walking...

It is heating up a little, although this does not mean that the welly boots are entirely obsolete.  My wellies are worn whatever the weather especially when I am exploring and digging up the garden - things will always get a little too muddy and messy where I am concerned.

We are closing in on summer and should have confidence that our gardens are taking shape - things are starting to blossom and thrive each day. It was only last Saturday that I was out in the garden and by Monday I was pleasantly surprised by the most gorgeous burgundy red poppy at the back of my border. An exquisite and delightful addition to complement the neighboring purple Salvia that I planted a few weeks ago. 

Although the garden is starting to look more like paradise (well maybe not mine, but hopefully yours are!), there is always a requirement for the welly boots to take centre stage.

This weekend, I want you to dust yours off and take them for a wander around the garden. There is always plenty to do:

Weekend Tick list:

1) If you haven't done so already, plant your summer bedding.
2) Water your plants thoroughly, especially those that are in tubs and baskets.
3) Neaten and tidy climbing, trailing and spreading plants to encourage new growth to push through.
4) Cut back foliage from spent bulbs (such as daffodils) – this should be undertaken when you have let the foliage die back naturally as it is a vital energy source to your bulb for the following season.
5)  Remove pesky weeds from flower beds and borders.
6) Deadhead flowers that start to fade to encourage a second flush of blooms. 

Welly boots were made for walking - Get out and about this weekend - I hear the weather is good!

Let me know how you get on!

My mother has come to visit for the weekend and I have a jam-packed itinerary to get through, although I know we will both spend some time pottering about in my back garden!



  1. I have had my wellies on this weekend Becky, with my shorts due to the warm weather...not sure if it will set a new fashion statement but I have had two very enjoyable days in the garden, with sun tan to prove it!

    1. Well done! I think I underestimated the weather as it was and still is incredibly hot! I hope you managed to catch a lovely tan though! :)


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