Delphinium Daydreams

Last Saturday I took a trip to the stunning Delphinium fields in Wick on the Wyke Manor Estate Farm in Worcestershire. Although local to the Hayloft site, I had never been to Wick before and was told to take care along the pebble dirt track as this was a fully functioning, working farm in the depths of the village. I was quite prepared for this, moving from a rural Dorset village where the road is only really suitable for one vehicle at a time - meet a tractor and you're scuppered! 

Nevertheless I made it down the rickety track (tyres still intact) and parked in a field parallel to where the Delphiniums stood in their finery. I paid the friendly gentlemen £2.50, picked up a few leaflets and walked on through, camera in hand. 

Wyke Farm is not only famous for this annual public spectacle, but the Delphinium petals from these plants are used to make confetti for weddings. 2017 marked their 20th year of growing confetti petals and to mark this milestone, they planted an enormous union jack flower flag. I couldn't quite reach a suitable height to get a good picture of this, but one of the postcards I picked up captured it perfectly. 

Re-visit my trip with me: 

Being only 5 foot 1, I was just about as tall as they were! It was like walking around a maze of colour. There were two walks to choose from - the short walk or the long walk - I did both!

 I was glad I wore boots and jeans as many men and women had opted for the flip flop and shorts look - Not great when meandering on uneven and scratchy ground!

This shot looks like a water colour painting. Soft subtle brush strokes with flecks and lines of differing colour as if the paintbrush was not dunked in the water jar before each new application of paint. Nature's artwork is just divine.

As two varieties meet, you get a colourful contrast that is striking and beautiful.

A lone solider amongst a crowd of pink ladies.

The pink ladies stand tall and proud.

Stately, majestic spires towered groups of children, whose parents had brought them for a photo shoot - what a lovely memory and what fantastic photos they will now treasure!

I adore this colour - rich, royal and luxuriant. It shone like a new penny upon lacy green foliage.

Spikes of green foliage ripple through this tower of intense colour.

Taking centre stage...

A close up image emphasizes the electrifying colour and tone within each individual petal - not one is the same.

To the far left of the field was the union jack - I apologise that this is in 'no way, shape, or form' clear!

Maybe you can see a little more now? Perhaps not!

I managed to climb (literally) onto a podium that had been set up to catch a good glimpse of both the flag and the magnitude of the field itself - filled with colour on a scale I had never seen from one variety of plant.

It was just no use - I needed to significantly grow or take a Helicopter to capture this flag!

I love this image - a stray orange Poppy in a sea of pure white blooms. Lovely, serene and a little eerie perhaps?

Rich and sassy 'Hot Pink' meets a demure and sophisticated 'White Prince'. 

You can just about see the white and purple blooms fighting for the attention in this image!

As an added treat, tea and coffee were readily available with a gorgeous view of the fields to absorb whilst putting your feet up for a few moments. I could have sat here for hours. The magnitude and scale of this project was phenomenal. I will definitely visit again next year.

I couldn't leave without buying my own small bunch to arrange and showcase on my windowsill. They are still going strong and I love that I can see them as I pull in and out of the driveway.

The Delphiniums fields are open until 9th July (10am-5pm). If you are local or are due to visit the area, it is well worth the visit. My Delphiniums are still going strong in a vase on my windowsill today!


  1. Must have been a real show!The pictures are stunning but to see it all in reality, must have been something else! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. It was absolutely stunning! You're more than welcome - I had to share it as it really was such a delightful place to visit!

    2. I bet it was' buzzing' with insects and maybe the odd butterfly or two? Isn't horticulture so rewarding!

    3. Incredibly rewarding! Plenty of butterflies!


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