'Summer Lovin'

We have been experiencing some glorious weather in recent weeks - although this has been lovely (minus the afternoon I was caught without sun cream), it can take a toll on our gardens. It has therefore been incredibly important to keep our plants hydrated. I noticed that my Hydrangea was looking a little worse for wear after an incredibly hot day last week. After a thorough drink it was looking much recovered. Luckily here in Worcestershire we have also encountered some heavy rain - which was much appreciated, freeing me of my watering can duties in the evenings.

However, during days and evenings when the sunshine has been beaming down on us, it has been lovely to sit out in the garden with friends, drinks and the compulsory BBQ.

My garden has evolved greatly over the past few months - tidying, cleaning and planting. I have also made it a little more 'cosy' with solar lighting, candles, wind chimes, fire pit and BBQ!

It looks a little different to September last year when we first moved in and cut everything back:

My new hanging baskets are bustling with gorgeous bright pink and purple Petunias and we have removed a couple of large shrubs to make way (hopefully) for some raised planters which we hope to eventually stuff with vegetables. I have never grown veg before although it has been on my wish list for a while.

I did have a large pot of gorgeous yellow daylilies, but regret that I did not take a picture whilst in full bloom. Luckily some of my other pots are still radiating glorious colour.

I was also given two tiny tomato plants which have grown beyond belief - I am still trying to work out where to place them as a permanent home. I know very little about growing fruit and vegetables and so I hope I have done enough to start seeing some lovely juicy tomatoes soon!

I have a lovely Hydrangea and Salvia planted in the back of the border and a brand new Rose to plant. Next year I hope to have a much more abundant flower bed.

My mother, on the other hand is a landscape gardener and I get a lot of my inspiration from her. She was kind enough to send me some of her pictures from her own garden - which is packed full of glorious summer blooms. I am very envious! 

Which blooms have you been summer lovin' so far this year?

I would love to see your photos of sun kissed and radiant blooms from your very own back gardens!

Perhaps some of your plants have struggled in the recent hot weather and you are nurturing them back to full health.

I hope you are able to enjoy your gardens this weekend, whether you are entertaining or taking time out on your own!



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