Turning Dreams to Reality

So I have moved house yet again - but this time I can say I am officially a homeowner - no more renting for me! Yay!!
This week I write this blog between puffy, bloodshot eyes (apologies for any spelling mistakes that may come about in result of this) - I am tempted to wear my sunglasses as I am sure people think I am ill or hungover - neither are the case I can assure you.

I have spent over a month packing up one home, moving into a temporary home whilst living out of a suitcase to finally being able to unpack in our very own little haven. The last two weeks after work have been interesting - ripping up old carpets, filling in holes, wallpapering, painting (and getting more paint on me than the walls), setting up televisions and washing machines (that decide to malfunction of me - of course!). It has been a great learning curve although now I am ready for a week in bed (or perhaps two).

Last night I was finally able to take a few moments to myself in the back garden. I was proud to call it mine and was conjuring up all sorts of ideas before having to reign in my thoughts, reminding myself that I do not have an unlimited budget or 100 acres of land to play with. I have a postage stamp lawn and a lovely section of decking for pots and I wouldn't wish for more than that.

Currently there are no flower beds as I know the previous owners had three small children - too much destruction to be caused I think by flying footballs.

I would like to dig out some flower beds perhaps roping in my mother to help. I'll persuade her to make the journey up the M5 with the promise of lemon drizzle cake and copious mugs of tea in thanks.

I would like create a dreamy border of cottage garden favourites, spilling this theme over into my pots too. Although space is limited, you do not need meters of soil to create your dream theme.

Why a cottage garden? Well, for me it encompasses all my favourite blooms, styles and colours. The effortless and timeless formations of blooms complement one another, and its informal appearance is a deceptive quality of genius. I am not saying my borders will look as though they have been crafted by a horticultural genius, more like a genius' apprentice perhaps? I will try nonetheless. After all, gardening is not only about the successes but the failures, testing out new ideas and seeing what works best.

So what will I include in my cottage garden?


Lupins are considered an essential addition to any sized cottage garden and provides fantastic and majestic height to the back of a border. 

I love the diverse range of colours that can be found within the species and hope that they will make a truly divine feature overseeing the commotion from smaller growing varieties. 

Roses are a firm favourite of mine and I would incorporate them in any theme of garden even if it were urban! - Roses provide much-desired fragrance, form and structure. In my opinion, no cottage garden is complete without the addition of a voluptuous and stunning Rose. Perhaps it will be a nice feature to trail along the fence? What do you think?


Lavender is an intensely fragrant plant that lends itself to the edge of a pathway and the front of a border, radiating a heavenly scent whilst intensifying the romanticism and dreamy reverie of the classic cottage garden style. 

Digitalis or the commonly named 'Foxglove' are renowned for being the typical 'poster plants' of the classic cottage garden,  providing much needed height and structure a great companion to the Lupins too!


Alcea (Hollyhocks) have been a staple within cottage gardens for centuries and provide the perfect visionary of tousled blooms, amongst a mass of sporadic and effortless formed foliage. I love the way they take centre stage, with their gargantuan blooms that look most spectacular within this style.

I love the dreamy ferny foliage of Cosmos along with the simple shape of the flower head. Again, I love the wide range and choice of flower colour that'll complement taller growing varieties to get a great balance of height and texture.

Everyone needs a grass, surely! I love them and are mesmerized by their rhythm and style - the disco divas of the cottage garden, ready to sway and boogey all through the summer months - just divine!

It has taken a while but I have grown to love this plant. I have learnt to appreciate the careless way in which it thrives and disperses, epitomizing the very notion of the cottage garden. An effortless and easy-going plant, strong in colour and form, irresistible to those gorgeous bees and butterflies.

On evaluation, perhaps I need to infuse a little diversity in my colour palette - I notice the varieties chosen are mostly pink and purple - ooops - perhaps some blue or maybe yellow to mix it up a bit! I'll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful weekend Haylofters! Let's hope it is a sunny one!



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