A fortnight ago I was absorbing the rays whilst on a whistle stop tour to Nashville, Tennessee with my father. At every opportunity I was in dresses and sandals, lathering on the factor 30 as I was embracing and immersing myself into the sunshine. I was fully expecting to return to wind, rain, possibly even snow! (only joking). 

However, once back on English soil I was pleasantly surprised to see a big yellow ball of fire in the sky, radiating intense heat as I stepped out of the airport. I was thrilled! With the terrible weather that we endured at the beginning of the year, I have welcomed the heat and sunshine with open arms... 

Until bed time that is... 

I am a duvet wrapper and like to nestle into a cocoon of cotton  - this is not so fun or conducive in such weather. Homes and often public places in the UK are not kitted out for periods of such intense heat. A fan blowing hot air will have to do! 

Although glorious, the heat is not always so kind to the garden. Blades of grass become scorched, soil is like rock, greenhouses like a furnace. We need to ensure that we are protecting our plants and shrubs, providing plenty of water and shelter where necessary. 

If you are concerned about the welfare of your plants during such hot weather, do not fear! You may have some varieties that will tolerate such conditions better than others:


Angelonia look fabulous in a summer garden, thriving best in a position of full sun and well-drained soil. They tolerate drought and humidity incredibly well, making it the perfect plant for a busy or beginner gardener.

Canna are the epitome of exoticism, relishing within tropical climates and providing a desirable aesthetic to any border. They require warmth, full sun, and moist soil to thrive, so although drought tolerant, you must ensure adequate water is provided to keep the surrounding soil moist. 

Erysimum are renowned for their beautiful and intense colour along with a sweet fragrance. They resist drought well, requiring only occasional watering - ideal for this time of year. 

Hibiscus come in many varieties, both tropical and hardy hybrids. Their resilient nature and ability to continue to bloom in high heat and water-sparse conditions make it an excellent plant to grow. Full sun is required for six to eight hours a day. In order to maintain its green foliage, it needs well drained soil as well. 

Liatris form lightening strike spires of divine colour throughout the summer and thrive in full sunlight.Their water-retentive corms allow them to persist in lean, dry times with little water required throughout the day.

Penstemon require little care and maintenance and do best in drought tolerant gardens with well-drained soil, full sun to filtered shade and supplemental water during the warm months of the year. Another perfect plant for those with limited time.

There are hundreds of Sedum varieties, each with their individual and unique traits. Almost every one of them is tough and drought tolerant, making your life easier when it comes to watering. 

Tithonia are heat and drought tolerant, needing little care and maintenance during hot weather. Their bright orange blooms will not falter, turning heads throughout the entirety of summer.

Verbena are a great addition to a summer garden in planters or hanging baskets. Tolerating drought, these gorgeous balls of colour will delight your patios during intense heat, fighting against the burning rays.

Fear not Haylofters - these bountiful beauties will continue to flourish in the heat so that we can cater to those blooms that demand a little more from us. 

Take care of yourselves over the weekend - cream up, glug the water and put your feet up with a couple of  chicken wings from the BBQ! 



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