Abbotsbury sub-tropical Garden

Oh gosh - what a week!

I feel positively sleepy after my first week back at work from a lazy 10 days off.

I don't know if you were keeping track on the Facebook posts, but I did manage to get to Abbotsbury subtropical gardens whilst I was in Dorset. Yay!

I only wish that I had been able to make the trip earlier on in the year as some plants had already gone over, nevertheless it really was a remarkable place to spend an afternoon. A little piece of tropical paradise in the depths of the Dorset countryside. If you ever happen to be frequenting the area, make sure you take some time to visit. Even the drive is the most serene and picturesque experience.

The photograph does not do the view any justice and certainly not behind a mucky windscreen - it really took my breath away.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, windows down, the breeze blowing through my hair and across my face - good job I wasn't driving!

In the top right of this picture you may be able to see a darkened square object - this was a remarkable lookout point on the top of the hill that had access to views across the azure blue sea water. A place to visit on my next trip perhaps!

For someone who loves words (and I really do!), this caught my attention and I couldn't help but take a photo and share it with you. I wish I could say that I tip-toed around, but I fear this would have made me:

1) Look a little strange
2) Kill my calf muscles.

However I kept to the dirt track as part of the allocated route and made sure that I disrupted as little of the path as possible. I so want generations to be able to enjoy what I saw on this day as much as I did.

Before we actually entered the gardens I could not ignore my stomachs groans any longer - thank goodness that there was a cafe just before the ticket office.

Cheese and pickle sandwich in hand and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and I was as happy as Larry (whoever he is?).

Even the outdoor area of the cafe felt like I was back in Thailand or some other Eastern-asian tropical paradise. I took this opportunity to embark on one of my favourite pastimes - people watching.

Everybody there looked so relaxed, laughing with friends and family - children and elderly alike. A wide spectrum of visitors. The garden also catered for pushchairs and wheelchairs which was really lovely to see.

When I eventually drew my gaze away from fellow tropical garden explorers, we made our way into the jungle.

Plumes of lush foliage billowed and exploded out of the ground like a row of elaborate water fountains . It was amazing to see so many different forms of grasses, ferns and palms.

Between the copious volume of greenery were spikes of gorgeous colour - yellow, orange, red and pink. The perfect combination of tropical and exotic colour.

 Following the map provided at the ticket office, we hunted down the rope bridge that was elevated above a rather green and gooey looking pond. I took a moment to check that the crocodiles were not lurking around and figured that if an 11 year old (or so) girl and her younger brother can cross it, I will be fine.

Drama queen? Me? Never! 

So this hill may not look that steep - but trust me ... it was. It really was. However, the view at the top was totally worth the blood, sweat and tears. 
(See ... not a drama queen at all)

The view we were greeted with was Chesil beach - it really was an incredible view and was just an added bonus to our little excursion. Thank goodness for whoever installed the benches right at the peak though - it was greatly appreciated! 

Another stunning view of Chesil beach...

The walk (or run in my case) down the hill was much more enjoyable as we continued on our exploration.

Stunning spires of tropical colour of Kniphofia and gorgeous clusters of bright purple Verbena were immersed among the grasses, looking exquisite and almost glistening against the suns rays.

It did certainly feel as though the Dorset countryside was a million miles away - very bizarre.

I do love the image of the palms to the left (if I do say so myself). It reminds me of fireworks night.

Bright yellow sunshine blooms flourish against lush green foliage, swaying gently in the warm breeze.

A gorgeous water lily pond was the perfect place for a much needed rest. The view was just incredible. It felt so serene, so peaceful and so quiet. If I had been on my own, I could have sat here all day with a good book. 

Succulents the size of my head were a pretty remarkable sight to be seen - I had never seen anything quite like this before!

Other gorgeous features include wicker figurines and a Japanese style bridge, vibrant in colour against undulating greenery. 

Perhaps the weather this weekend will be kind to us and we can venture outdoors. Maybe if you are in the area, you could take a trip to Abbotsbury sub-tropical gardens - I can recommend the cheese and pickle sandwich!


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