Bucket List Visits

I am wearing a jumper today - can you believe it !? A jumper?

The office is dressed in a varied array of clothing - there are a couple of summer dresses, jeans and t-shirt and myself and another colleague are suitably dressed for Autumn. I have officially become a resident of a hot country over these past few weeks.

With every cool breeze comes goose-pimples and a body shiver. The sensation is all so familiar yet very strange.

I am a week away from embarking on a much-needed few days off.

My plans?

I am going to spend the week with my wonderful friends and gorgeous family. The focus of purchasing a house since my exit from University (4 years ago) has meant that luxury travel (ha ha) has been limited. Therefore Devon and Dorset will have to do, which is fine by me!

I already have the week planned out, from day trips to the beach with friends, to visiting Monkey World with my niece and nephew. My mother has taken some time off to spend with me too and so we will no doubt enjoy a visit to a National Trust Garden (or two... maybe three).

I am so looking forward to being able to meander around a garden without rushing around, thinking of all the chores I haven't done and work I haven't finished.

There are a couple of places on my bucket list that I wish to attend on my week off - if not this year, certainly next:

Abbotsbury subtropical gardens has a rich and intriguing history dating back to the late 1700's - this in itself fascinates me because I am a self-confessed history nerd. The garden offers a wide mixture of formal and informal plants and is renowned across the world for its glorious collection of Camellia groves and Magnolias.

Photograph taken from; https://www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk/abbotsbury-subtropical-gardens

Not only am I a history nut, but I also love my art. Bennetts water garden is the home to the iconic bridge featured in Claude Monet's, famous masterpiece 'Water Lily Pond'. I can imagine it to be an incredibly tranquil place to visit. Founded in 1959, the gardens have gone from clay pits used by brickworks to a place of outstanding beauty, offering 8 acres of landscaped paths and luscious greenery and colour. The Bennett family still run the garden today which now holds the National Water Lily Collection.

Photograph taken from https://www.britainexpress.com/counties/dorset/gardens/bennetts.htm

Buckland Abbey and Gardens is a little treasure, hidden within the gorgeous Devonshire countryside. The attraction consist of stunning formal flower beds, a kitchen garden, medieval garden and flowery meadow - yet again appealing to my love of history. These stunning gardens are complemented perfectly by the impressive Abbey in the background.  

Photograph taken from : https://www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/england/item/buckland-abbey-and-gardens.html

RHS Rosemoor is nestled away in the Torridge Valley, Devon. The gardens are a magical place to visit, whatever the weather and whatever the season. You know this because of the large array of gardens on offer. A hot garden for the depths of summer, the cool garden (for weather like today!), the winter garden, fruit and vegetable garden, an arboretum, woodland garden, cherry garden etc etc etc etc - MY WORD - the list is not only impressive but endless. Rosemoor has all that you could require from an outdoor space and will suit so many tastes and moods.

Photograph taken from https://www.foodanddrinkguides.co.uk/england/south-west/torridge/great-torrington/rosemoor-garden-kitchen

Gosh I am going to be a busy bee. I better get my skates on.

Don't worry - I'll be taking my camera, iphone and notebook with me so I can enthrall you all when I get back from my travels.

Only another week left in the office to go (not that I am counting or anything)

Have a wonderful weekend Haylofters!



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