Grass up your Life!

I left the house this morning and stepped out into a misty haze, the prickly cold temperatures hitting my skin like a thousand daggers. I have not felt this for some time and the shock took my breath away instantly. However, not only did the icy temperatures stop me in my tracks but so did the view.

Above the numerous tiled rooftops, the azure blue sky was peeping through a sparkly grey haze that dominated the sky. Misty air slowly swept across my eye-line and dewy jewels glistened atop golden foliage and lush blades of grass.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I cannot wait to get my log burner fired up. Every evening I light my plethora of candles, each with their own unique scent which can often make the house smell like a spa or spiritual retreat - not necessarily a good thing according to my partner - haha!

This does help me to relax of an evening however, and creates a beautifully calm and warming ambiance.

For the garden, I have very much followed this years trend and the idea of mindfulness and relaxation by the intention of planting an area of grasses and ferns.

We recently removed a thick bush of half dead shrubs and plants that was unfortunately blocking the view out of the driveway.

Everything was removed, roots and all, and we have started again. The space does not look overly impressive from this angle or photograph but I assure you, it is a rather large space to fill.
Please do forgive me for the poor state of the lawn - the summer heatwave has taken its toll!

The aim is to create a small sensory bed of gorgeous textures, calming colours and sounds that promote wellness and a relaxed state of mind - definitely something needed when juggling the stresses of a busy lifestyle. Low growing grasses and textural plants is something that I really wish to incorporate.

Evergreen bushy and full foliage will offer seasonal colour, especially during the next few months where colour can often be sparse. 

Ornamental grasses will be the first introduction into this large but currently empty space.  I adore the fact that they can be planted in bold, flamboyant clusters or scattered loosely among complementary varieties. Alternatively, it is great that they can be put into pots and containers, for those with limited space. One of the best qualities to grasses is not only their fantastic appearance and presence in the garden but they are also long lasting and good value for money. 

Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum

Is it me or does this look like a caterpillar?

Pennisetum alopecuroides Little Honey

Glorious fluffy ends are like miniature feather dusters.

Deschampsia cespitosa Goldscheier 

Delicate stems with arching foliage look like tiny water droplets. A really attractive variety.

Festuca glauca Elijah Blue

Icy blue in colour and low growing to provide additional texture and structure.

Ferns are another trend this year that has caught my eye. We worked with a variety of ferns at this years Malvern Autumn Show and they brought much desired texture and colour. Some evergreen varieties will really enhance shady spaces at this time of year. Again, these can be planted in pots or containers and are therefore well-suited to any style and space of garden.

Doodia aspera Rough Ruby 

A wonderful variety that oozes autumnal shades of red, orange, yellow and green.

Athyrium niponicum var. pictum Red Beauty

Another remarkable fern with intricate dark purple veins. The colour differentiation next to the fading shades of green are simply stunning. 

Dryopteris Polydactyla
Does anyone else have the urge to just run your fingers through this textural looking fern?
No? Just me?

Who knew ferns and grasses could be so colourful and exciting?! Perhaps you do not agree - however, I think when combined with colourful perennials and shrubs, they really do make a wonderful and attractive addition to the garden.

I certainly have my eye on the Pennisetum Rubrum and Athyrium Red Beauty but if you have any suggestions as to what would look good, please let me know. I may pop in the odd Helenium too to heat things up a bit!

What do you think?


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