Pansy Fans

I was looking at my rather sad looking hanging baskets and was deliberating what to replace them with. What will bring a chilling yet fiery warmth to my containers? Does that make sense? Probably not! 

It didn't take long for the light bulb to 'ping' above my head with a rather delightful conclusion to my dilemma. My fluttering thoughts had highlighted a plant so loved and admired that I had to kick myself for not thinking of them before. 

Pansies are a garden favourite and the delightful Frizzle Sizzles collection are the perfect remedy for my autumnal and winter garden. 

History of the Pansy

Pansies can be linked back to its ancestral viola. During the 4th century B.C a plant much like a viola was discovered in alpine meadows and rocky ledges, thriving in areas with more exposure to sunlight. This new plant discovery was named ‘pansy’ by an unknown source, although it can be traced back to the French term ‘pensee’ meaning thoughts or remembrance.

The origin of the pansy began in Iver, Buckinghamshire. During the early 1800's Lord Gambier and his gardener William Thompson began crossing various viola species. Plants were selected based on criteria including colour combinations, bloom size and foliage growth. William Thompson soon discovered a bloom that no longer had lines of dark colour on the flower but huge blocks of colour on the lower petals called the "face." Today, pansies are a much loved garden favourite and are still admired for their plethora of stunning colour combinations.

About Pansies

Pansies are biennial or short lived perennial plants with large, distinctive blooms and compact, bushy foliage. They are renowned for having one of the widest colour spectrums, making them versatile to any taste and planting combination. They are best suited to flower beds and borders or in containers and baskets.

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Collection

How to plant Pansies

Pansies are best planted in moist, well-drained soil of loam, clay and sand within an acidic, alkaline or neutral PH balance. 

You should dig a hole that is as deep and twice as wide as the root ball, spacing each plant approximately 15-20cm (6-8”) apart in a position of part shade or full sun – please be aware that if pansies  are sat in hot conditions for too long, they can become leggy and therefore it is recommended that they have shelter from intense heat. 

Food for thought

You may have seen pansy petals used as decorative features on the top of cakes. You can in fact eat the entire flower of a pansy - sepals and all. They often have a minty flavour, making them the perfect garnish for a salad or dessert.


Flowers have been recognized as a symbolic language for thousands of years. They are prevalent in an array of sonnets, myths and folklore throughout a variety of ages and sects.  Nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers. Many Victorian homes had handbooks for deciphering the definitions of a plant variety. 

Due to the origin of its name, pansies have been used to depict remembrance although since the world wars, poppies are now often seen as the favorable and more meaningful form of remembrance. 

Frizzle Sizzle:

I adore the ruffling bloom shapes, much like the elaborate petticoats of a flamenco dress. The vibrant, bold colour of this variety oozes luxuriance and richness with dark speckled patterns to heighten the extravagant colour even further. 

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Blue

Dark blue hues with a royal demeanor will add a touch of class to an autumnal display.

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Burgundy

Roasting red tones will add further decadence matching the regal nature of these stunning blooms. 

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Orange

Scorching dark orange flames will burst their way out of containers and baskets providing a welcome treat to the eye.

Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Yellow

 Sunshine yellow tones will soften yet startle the picture perfect vision of colour and form in your autumnal garden.

I hope you can all agree with me that these are some of the finest blooms for your autumnal and winter baskets and containers. A welcome surge of voluptuous shades and luminosity to be had by all!

Watch this space...


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