Winter Colour Wonderland

I am thoroughly enjoying the coat and boots weather. As much as I love summer, I get frustrated with the copious amount of fake tan it takes to stop my legs from blinding my peers as I stroll into work or town. Sun burn is also not the most attractive of things, especially when it emerges in grotesque patches. To top it all off, my face becomes so full with freckles, I can tell people are finding it hard to find my eyes. Glamourous image I am painting right?
Therefore, Autumn is the perfect time for me. My red hair matches the fallen leaves and rusty orange sunsets. My skin glows a little in the cool morning sun. My bright white limbs are covered from top to toe in woolly garments and I can tuck myself away under a blanket of an evening and not feel like a complete slob. 
However, I appreciate that some of us may be feeling a little down in the dumps about autumnal gusts and gales - I hope to turn that frown upside down if I may?
You may look outside your window and feel a little low about the lack of colour in your beds and borders. However, autumn and winter gardens can still be a colour filled swamp if you make it happen.
It is always possible to invoke colour throughout the year in our gardens.
Daphne Odora

This variety of Daphne is compact in habit with elaborately formed branching stems that are covered in highly glossed evergreen leaves. Water droplets just gently perch on the shiny surface glistening and gleaming like jewels.

Camellia Showgirl
Camellia Showgirl is a gorgeous addition to a winter garden. It is easy to be blown away by the luxuriant colour, with ruffled petals, much like a Spanish flamenco dress, swaying beneath the warm winter sun. Dark green foliage is laced with cob-web like veins forming intricate and elaborate shapes and detail.


 Hellebores are a must-have winter addition, with delicate yet stunning flowerheads and unique prickly foliage. These dazzling beauties will defy nature by surviving the coldest of conditions.
In medieval times Helleborus were said to be good for breaking bad spells and curses so were often planted next to the front door. Today they are known for their unsurpassed winter beauty. 

Mahonia Winter Sun

Mahonia Winter Sun is aptly named as its slender sunshine yellow spikes of fragranr blooms, glow throughout your gardens from November to March. What is even better, is that they have glorious evergreen foliage. The frost resistant flowers are often followed by voluptuous deep purple berries. What could make a finer winter attraction?

Sarcococca Winter Gem
A fabulous evergreen shrub that is smothered by highly fragrant white flowers during the winter. I love the curve of these slender leaves, flush in an alluring dark shade of green. A highly attractive shrub that is decorated by highly fragrant white flowers.

Chimonanthus Praecox
This gorgeous bloom epitomises the shades and tones of colour that we conjure, when thinking of autumn and winter. Blood red and creamy sulphur yellow, waxy petalled flowers appear on bare stems with a spicy scent from November to March. The foliage forms a rounded dome, making it an even more attractive winter bloom.

What are you favourite winter varieties? Alternatively what is on your wish list? Please let me know!


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