Blooms Galore!

Yes, oh yes I hear you say, another beautiful Hayloft catalogue brimming with colourful delights! I hope you enjoy what the new 2019 brochure has on offer! Order your own free copy from our website! 

Lavatera maritima
A masterpiece of a bloom with paper-thin petals etched with streaks of cerise pink that make for a perfect pre-requisite to what is a stunning assortment of rare, unusual and exciting blooms in this years catalogue. Lavatera maritima is a stunning variety to whet the appetite of any plant hunter, certainly a variety that will appeal to all for its divinity and luxuriance.

Cirsium Trevor's Blue Wonder
Enthrall yourself with a collection of stunning thistles. Cirsium are embellished with brightly coloured, fluorescent tones of regal purple, blood red and elegant pink, looking much like thin tentacles, emerging and reaching toward a hot summer sky.

Bergenia Fire and Ice
As bolts of colour radiate across your summer garden, you are privy to a beautiful yet bold fusion of Bergenia Fire and Ice. A brand new variety where hot red fiery shades come face to face with pure white icy tones that merge into gorgeous clusters of dramatically formed blooms.
Eryngium Pen Blue
From prickles to spikes, the Eryngium Collection  bears intricately formed flowers, much like miniature strikes of lightening in electric shades of blue, purple and green, a remarkable addition not only to your beds and borders but as a cut flower too. 

Syringa vulgaris Carpe Diem
If you seek a little solace in a perfumed paradise, yet another brand new variety will make for the most exquisite and eye-catching feature in your garden. Syringa vulgaris Carpe Diem 
boasts light blue, double blooms that emerge from gorgeous lilac buds. As the plant matures, watch as it changes colour into a dark shade of mauve. Not only is this bloom a fascinating one for its variety of colour but it releases a divine, sweet scent during the summer. 

Carex Feather Falls
From fragrance to foliage, if a little architectural structure is desired in your pots, baskets or flower beds, Carex Feather Falls will produce the most elegant and graceful swathes of variegated foliage that cascade like a waterfall over containers and harsh edges. What could be more desirable?

Hydrangea runaway bride Snow Bride
Hydrangea runaway bride Snow White offers prestigious value to your garden. Not only is it the 2018 Chelsea Plant of the year, but it is also one of the most floriferous varieties of hydrangea on the market at this current time (in our opinion!). Don’t take our word for it though, give it a go yourself!

Bulbine frutescens 
Majestic, stunning and luxuriant are but a few adjectives to describe the lavish spears of orange flowers that adorn the slender stems of Bulbine frutescens. Not only is it aesthetically breathtaking, but it is an extremely rare and hard to source variety. 

Ensete ventricosum Maurelii
Ensete ventricosum Maurelii produce theatrical dark burgundy-green leaves that nod gently in a summer breeze. Clusters of beautiful flowers soon emerge with inedible but glorious banana like fruits.
Digitalis Silver Cub
Combine with the likes of Digitalis Silver Cub, and you have a match made in heaven. A brand new and unique digitalis that will fascinate the most avid of gardener, making an impressive statement with stunning silvery-white blooms that form majestic and elegant spikes above semi-evergreen foliage. They say that good things can often come in three’s and I am pleased to announce that they certainly do. 

Agastache Crazy Fortune

Yet another exclusive bloom can be all yours, the very first variegated bloom of its kind. Agastache Crazy Fortune is embellished with marbled green and cream foliage with elegant spires of fuzzy bottlebrush-like flowers. Be amazed by the fresh minty scent that will radiate from the foliage during summer and early autumn. The perfect addition to line a pathway or doorway.

So.... seen anything to your liking? 

I hope so! 

Take a look on the website and enjoy!


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