January blues ... Or not!!!

I don't know about you, but I find January hard work.

It is hard work to get up in the mornings, hard work to squeeze back into those favourite pair of trousers, hard work to get motivated and hard work to accumulate a healthier bank balance after the festive period. 

If there is one thing we can rely on to get us through this long month, it is the winter flowering beauties that greet us enthusiastically with their vibrant buoyancy and colour. 

They are not downtrodden and miserable - they are insistent on putting on their own garden pantomime full of colourful characters with varying habit, shapes and sizes. 

If your garden is looking a little bare during this time of year, it is worth investing in these mood boosters that are certain to etch the largest of grins, providing the ultimate feel good factor. (Well... they do say that plants and gardening has many health and livelihood benefits after all!)

Daphne odora Rebecca 
Daphne Rebecca is an intriguing plant with glorious green foliage that fashions a divine yellow-cream outline, creating unusual variegated foliage. This contrasts perfectly with a delicate central cluster of highly scented pink blooms. 

Rebecca will illuminate often grey days with bright beams of colour throughout the entirety of January, February and even March! 

Clematis Winter Beauty
This aptly named plant is a dainty and stunning addition to any winter garden, with tentacle like foliage that weaves their way over unsightly walls and features. 

White, waxy bell shaped blooms will decorate the lush green foliage like droplets of snow - a luxurious and decadent climber that oozes charm and notoriety. 

Flowering from December to January, the evergreen foliage will continue to provide interest throughout the year, so you need not miss it when the blooms fade.

Clematis winter beauty requires very little pruning and is an easy plant to maintain and care for. (Even better!)

I can tell you are tempted...
Forsythia Mini Gold
A little treat for you all - a refined and more subtle variety than its close relative - the common yellow Forsythia. 

A deciduous shrub that will have you clapping your hands with glee over their glistening brushed pink blooms,  leafless, dark branches and the concoction of rose and orange blossom scent. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

 I can almost smell the sweet fragrance, picturing the perfect place in the garden for this sought after shrub. 

Helleborus Onyx Odyssey

I bet you thought I had bypassed this one - absolutely not! No winter garden is complete without the presence of a Hellebore. They are like garden royalty and we bow down to their wealth of beauty and elegance. 

This particular variety is incredibly unique and are known for being one of the earliest and longest flowering of all, appearing as early as November and lasting through to May! 

It seems like such a treat to see plants during January, almost as though they are a sacred wonder that only a chosen few are lucky enough to experience. We take pride in showing them off, whilst others often put up with a grey landscape.

Let these beautiful plants ease the January blues, forming a welcome pre-requisite to spring bloomers.

Do not let January get you down! Get out there and soak up the colour and beauty that we CAN and SHOULD enjoy!



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