Teabags at the ready!

It is the first day of March and we have been had the pleasure of seeing a little more sunshine than is perhaps expected at this time of year.

I have (finally) seen a plethora of gorgeous daffodils, neatly lined up along curbs, verges, parks and town centres, brightening the dull and dank roughness of concrete.

This time of year is so exciting and we have been lucky enough to bask in some rather mild and sun saturated days.

Rain - A typical feature of the Great British weather that has been rather sparse so far. It actually feels rather unnerving, albeit refreshing not having puddle filled flowerbeds and being able to walk out of the front door without torso-high boots or an umbrella. I am also pleased to announce that I am having less frizzy haired days walking into work, as was a key source of laughter last year and the year before.

March and April are incredibly busy times in the garden, with plenty of jobs to be done in order to relish in the colourful and tranquil spectacle that is our very own garden. The warmer weather with the odd rainy day will mean that our plants (and weeds - grrr) will be growing at some pace. The gardening jobs list will start to increase, so make sure you have plenty of tea bags at the ready for those much needed breaks from digging.

So... what exactly do we need to be doing now that March is underway?

I have created this handy dandy list to help you prioritise spring jobs so that we can enter summer with relative ease:
  1. Plant herbaceous perennial plants and summer-flowering bulbs of your choice.
  2. Cut back faded perennials.
  3. Divide clumps of perennial plants that you wish to propagate that have outgrown their planting area.
  4. Remove weeds as you see them as they can become prevalent during this time of year.
  5. Improve the drainage of your soil by amending it with a generous amount of organic matter or grit.
  6. Support climbing plants or those that you wish to train as they start to grow.
  7. Provide water to plants that are looking a little dry, especially those that are planted in containers.
  8. When the weather becomes a little warmer and all signs of frost have passed, you may wish to remove fleece and straw to prevent plants from sweating and ultimately rotting.
  9. Plant gorgeous perennial plants such as Cyclamen,Salvia, Delphinium, Roses and Callicarpa.
  10. Enjoy! 

I hope to hear about all your efforts in the garden from this weekend - I may try and even mow the lawn if the rain stays away - the front is looking a little a little disheveled with blades of grass sticking up in different heights.

I will let you know how I get on!



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