Trends for 2019

2019 is an exciting year to introduce new concepts and fresh ideas to the garden.

There are a variety of up-and-coming features and trends that are certain to appeal to your own individual taste and garden style, should you wish to introduce something a little different.

Climate Change Gardens

It is quite evident to see that the seasons are becoming a little more confused and unpredictable. Spring can be more like winter and winter can be more like spring. The traditional seasons have seemingly evaporated into thin air. Sometimes, I do not know whether to dress in a jacket and boots or flip flops and t-shirt - and it is March!

As we are becoming more focussed on the climate and the problems in which we face as a generation, ensuring the safeguarding and well-being of future generations to come, we are collectively aiming to reduce the impact we have on our planet and subsequent climate.

There is much that can be done and is being adopted to ensure that we maintain a green, safe and long-lasting impact on our environment:

  • Improve energy efficiencies - replace outdoor lighting with LED bulbs or solar powered garden products. 
  • Reduce water consumption where possible
  • Make sure you compost kitchen and garden waste
  • Plant copious volumes of trees where possible to absorb carbon dioxide

House Plants

Houseplants have been incredibly popular for the past 18 months or so and this does not look to change anytime soon. Millennials have embraced the need for a natural and holistic look and feel for the home, with much of the interior decor centered around flowers and foliage.


There is nothing better than being able to walk out into a colour-saturated garden. In 2019, bold colour is going to empower and illuminate your gardens. 

Phlox Younique Cerise

Experiment with varying shades, tones and textures and leave friends, family, neighbours and visitors in awe of your perfectly preened and colour-filled patch. 

Wildflower Gardens 

There is something quite magical about a wildflower garden as they put on a magnificent display during early spring.

Many designers experimented with wildflower and perennial meadows in 2018 and this trend is set to continue this year.

Will you be adopting any trends for the following year?

Let us know!


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