Celebrate Easter with flowers!

With Easter weekend fast approaching and we get ready to feast on as many chocolate eggs we can possibly eat, let's not forget about the wonderful flowers that can also be enjoyed at this time of year. Spring is fully underway, and with it, life is being breathed into our gardens once again. There are lots of plants that symbolise or have connections to Easter in some way. Keep reading for our favourites.

Lilies are the ultimate symbol of Easter. Known as the ‘white-robed apostles of hope’ as it is said that lilies sprang to life on the ground where Jesus's sweat fell in his last moments. As a result, lilies are often used to represent hope, purity and new life and can often be seen in churches during this time of year representing the resurrection of Jesus. 

Lilium Regale- https://hayloft.co.uk/product/lilium-regale/bu233j19-in19
Lilium Regale is a well-loved summer bulb and has been acknowledged by the RHS with an Award of Garden Merit. Large, scented trumpet-shaped white flowers with pink flushes and yellow centres bloom in July to August. The flowers can also be cut and enjoyed in vases in the home.

The Pasqueflower, or Pulsatilla, have a direct relationship with Easter, as their name comes from the Hebrew word for Passover. They flower in spring, usually around the Easter period, offering striking bell-shaped flowers that turn upwards to greet the sun. 
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Pulsatilla Vulgaris is particularly stunning and has unsurprisingly been given an RHS Award of Garden Merit, meaning they offer great garden performance and reliability. It has gorgeous purple flowers with contrasting golden centres that attract the butterflies from spring to early summer which are then followed by attractive silky seedheads. The sepals of the plant have been used to colour Paschal eggs, which are given as gifts during Easter.

Azaleas are another popular, and beautiful Easter flower. Giving somebody an Azalea at Easter means that you hope they take care of themselves. Azalea flower in spring around Easter time with the most brightly coloured and elegant flowers.

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Azalea Geisha Red originates from Japan and has stunning frilly red blooms, reminiscent of red lips and bright kimonos. From April to May just watch as the blooms smother the foliage in abundance, contrasting against the glossy green foliage.

So, as the weather starts to get warmer this Easter, why not treat yourself with some beautiful flowers? (and some chocolate too of course!)

Happy Easter Haylofters!


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