RHS National Gardening Week 2019

Started eight years ago by the RHS, National Gardening Week is a highly anticipated event in any gardener's calendar. This years theme is Edible Britain and gardener's are being encouraged to grow-your-own in whatever way they can.
Whilst here at Hayloft we do not sell your typical asparagus or strawberries, we still do have a variety of plants that are edible that you may not know about. Keep reading for some of our top picks...

Actinidia arguta issai (Kiwiberry)
Actinidia arguta issai Kiwiberry- https://hayloft.co.uk/product/actinidia-arguta-issai-kiwiberry/pt213m19-in19
This Actinidia has delicious sweet small fruits like a mini kiwis with smooth skin that doesn't need to be peeled. Amazingly, this self-fertile and pest resistant vine produces up to 1000 fruits a year, so you'll have plenty of fruits to enjoy!

Citrus Japonica (Kumquat)
Citrus japonica Kumquat- https://hayloft.co.uk/product/citrus-japonica-kumquat/ptkumq01-in19
This large evergreen shrub/small tree produces scented white blooms in spring/summer followed by orange fruits in summer/autumn. The skin of the fruits is sweet, so you don't even need to peel them to eat them. Great for making marmalade, in a fruit salad or just straight plucked from the branch.

Arbutus Unedo
Arbutus Unedo- https://hayloft.co.uk/product/arbutus-unedo/pt217d19-in19
Also known as the strawberry tree, this compact shrub produces strawberry-like fruits in autumn along with white flowers. These fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants and can be made into a very tasty jam.

Lonicera caerulea Kamtschatica
Lonicera caerulea Kamtschatica- https://hayloft.co.uk/product/lonicera-caerulea-kamtschatica/pt208s19-in19
Also known as the Honeyberry, this edible Honeysuckle produces powder-blue fruits that taste very similar to a blueberry. Like a blueberry, the fruits are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants too. The sweet fruits can be eaten straight from the plant or made into smoothies, preserves or desserts.

Passiflora Edulis Suntropics
Passiflora Edulis Suntropics- https://hayloft.co.uk/product/passiflora-edulis-suntropics/yp228g19-in19
Grow your own pornstar martini I hear you ask? Why not! This hardy passion vine will produce gorgeous passion fruits throughout summer. The fruits can be used for a number of other recipes including cheesecakes, pavlovas, fruit salads and syllabubs. Delicious!

With so many interesting and unusual edible plants available, why settle with just planting a boring apple tree? Go and explore the wonderful world of edible plants! 
More plants (edible and not) can be found by visiting our website hayloft.co.uk 

Happy Gardening Haylofters!


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