The do's and don'ts of low maintenance gardening

With our modern lives becoming increasingly more hectic, it can be very difficult to keep up with all the maintenance that a garden requires. The thought of having to dedicate so much time and effort towards gardening may seem overwhelming but fear not, gardening doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Low maintenance gardening is becoming increasingly popular, to compliment our busy lives. Keep reading for our dos and don’ts for keeping a garden manageable.

Do...Keep the lawn small

Lawns can be the most time-consuming part of a garden, as they need regular upkeep including mowing, watering and feeding. To cut down on this upkeep, firstly make the lawn a simple shape as complicated shaped lawns can take much longer to mow. Make your lawn smaller and replace some of it with an alternative option such as gravel, paving or decking.

Do...Choose plants that are easy to grow

This one is obvious but make sure you choose plants that will not require lots of maintenance work. Some examples of great low-maintenance plants are below-

Sedum Atlantis-
Sedum Atlantis is a great choice for a low-maintenance garden as it's drought tolerant, versatile and is happy planted pretty much anywhere. Not to mention it's been named the Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2019!

Hosta Sum and Substance-
Hosta do not require much care, only removing the dead foliage once a year in autumn. This Hosta Sum and Substance is fully hardy and is perfectly happy planted in those difficult shady areas too.

Spiraea japonica Anthony Waterer-
A virtually indestructible shrub, Spiraea Anthony Waterer will handle drought with no problems once established and needs little to no maintenance, perfect!


Mulching is great for several reasons. Firstly, it helps suppress weeds, meaning less time is spent trying to control them. In addition to this, a mulch will conserve moisture, reducing the need for lots of watering and will help control the temperature, providing the plants with protection from the cold.

Don't...Use lots of containers

Whilst planting in containers can reduce the amount of time you spend trimming plants back if they were planted in a border, for example. However, too many containers can also be a lot of work, as they will need regular watering, feeding and some repotting. 

Don't...Plant lots of tender or annual plants

Choose hardy plants over tenders and perennials over annuals as these require so much less work. Tender plants will require protection in the winter, which will require lifting the plants and keeping them frost free, whereas fully hardy plants will survive the winter. Annuals will require propagation each year, whereas perennials will come back year on year. It’s a no brainer!

With these tips and tricks for creating a low maintenance garden, you'll still be able to enjoy your wonderful garden no matter how busy you are! You can find more low maintenance plants on our website

Happy gardening Haylofters!


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