Wonderful Wildflowers

Following the Chelsea Flower Show this year, wildflowers have proven to be a top trend. Informal planting styles were featured in many of the show gardens, with a lean towards a softer more relaxed feel rather than a structured and highly polished look. Wildflowers are also great for helping our pollinating friends and encouraging wildlife into your garden without needing lots of space. 
Keep reading for our top wildflower picks.

Digitalis Purpurea
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Found growing native across the UK, Digitalis Purpurea is a real favourite for bees, even being included in the RHS Plants for Pollinators list. Bell-shaped purple flowers with spotted inners bloom during the summer, adding some wonderful colour to your wildflower meadow.

Ammi Majus
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An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, Ammi Majus is perfect for both wildflower and cottage gardens alike. Umbels of small white flowers bloom in summer and are a favourite with florists as they make great cut flowers that are long lasting in a bouquet.

Althea cannabina
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Light and airy in appearance, Althea cannabina has the most delicate mallow-like pink flowers that bloom from summer and right through to autumn. Perfect for the back of a border, due to its upright stems and tall height.

Dipsacus fullonum
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Add some texture amongst softer wildflowers with the bristly flowerheads of this Dipsacus fullonum, a robust plant that can cope with a wide range of conditions. The seedheads last long after the flowers have finished, attract Goldfinches and are often dried and used in flower arrangements. 

Galium verum
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Give your wildflower garden a touch of golden yellow sparkle with this Galium verum. Tiny yellow flower bloom in the summer, giving off a wonderful honey fragrance. Given the common name of Lady’s Bedstraw, as when dried the flowers smell of fresh hay and it was once used in the past for filling mattresses. An ideal plant for beginners as it requires very little maintenance.  

So why not go wild (pun intended) with wildflowers? They’re low maintenance, great for pollinators and beautifully understated, so what’s not to love?
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Happy gardening Haylofters!


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