Cut flower gardening

Cutting flowers allow us to bring a touch of the outdoors into our homes, creating wonderful displays of blooms to enjoy. It’s a chance to let your creativity run wild, picking flowers as you go strolling through your garden and a home-grown bouquet of flowers also makes for a lovely thoughtful gift.
Keep reading for some of the best flowers for cutting and our top tips on how to get the very best out of your cut flowers.

Gladiolus make for fairly long-lasting cut flowers, provided they are looked after well. You should cut Gladiolus when some of the buds are already open. These flowers are perfect in a bouquet just by themselves but also work well combined with other blooms too, including Roses, Lilies and Iris.
Gladiolus Border Beauties-
This Gladiolus mix is a great choice, as it will provide you with lots of different coloured Gladiolus for your cut flower arrangements. Great for planting in borders, hence their name but are also happy in containers too.

Alstroemeria are an absolute must have for a cut flower garden. They come in a range of colours, produce copious amounts of blooms and can last up to 14 days in a vase!
Alstroemeria Henri-
 This long-flowering variety of Alstroemeria is cold resistant and fully hardy, making it a real winner. The blooms look wonderfully exotic and are produced from June all the way through to November, so you will have plenty of cut flowers for months on end.

Freesias are a great cut flower choice, as they can last over three weeks. They also have a sweet heady fragrance which florists love and they are a favourite choice for being used in button holes as they are so hard-wearing. 
Freesia mix-
This mix of giant blooming Freesias is perfect for creating a colourful and vibrant bouquet. It compromises of the top varieties chosen in recent scent trials and the stems hold up to ten large flowers each.

Ammi majus
Ammi is a really popular flower with florists as the flowers work so well with other blooms and they are long-lasting in a bouquet, giving a delicate and romantic feel.  They last up to 10 days after being cut. 
Ammi majus-
Ammi majus makes a great addition to a cutting garden, as well as a cottage or wildflower style garden. Umbels of small white flowers bloom in summer attracting bees and butterflies. Ammi majus also has been given an Award of Garden Merit.

Cosmos are so easy to grow and offer simple but cheery flowers that come in various colours and will look great with a range of other blooms. 
Cosmos bipinnatus Purity-
Cosmos Purity is a great choice for a cutting garden as it works well with so many plants, both in the garden and in an arrangement. They can be grown in both border and containers and the bees and butterflies love them too.

Top tips for getting the best out of your cut flowers 
  • Cut your flowers in the morning. This is the optimum time to cut them as they will be cool and hydrated.
  • Cut your flowers at an angle before putting them into the vase. This will help them take the water up more easily.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Cut flowers last longer in a cooler room and heat will make the flowers go dry a lot more quickly.
  • Add flower food. Flower food is specifically designed to help the blooms last longer and have them looking the best they can. 
  • Keep the water fresh and topped up. Change the water every few days to keep your flowers looking fresh and to help them last longer. 

Happy gardening Haylofters!


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