You'll be walking on sunshine with these drought tolerant plants!

'Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.'- Hans Christian Andersen

With our summers becoming hotter and hotter each year, as gardeners we have an ever-increasing need for drought tolerant plants.

There's nothing worse than spending time and money planting flowers only for them to have shrivelled up and died when a surge of hot weather arrives (R.I.P to the plants that didn't make it through last years heat wave!)

Drought tolerant plants, as would be expected, often are native to hot climates and are therefore adapted to survive in these adverse weather conditions. Many of them have hairy foliage that helps them retain moisture or light coloured foliage that reflects the sun.

Read on for some sun-loving plants that will help you beat the heat in your garden this summer!

Pervoskia is a real tough cookie plant, so will save you so much time in the garden as it requires very little care.
It thrives in the sunshine and is unfussy on soil type, so it's a no-brainer choice when it comes to drought tolerant plants.
Perovskia Little Spire BUY NOW-

It may have little in its name but this Pervoskia will make a big impact in your garden.
Spires of scented silvery foliage and delicate lavender-coloured flowers that bloom for ages make it one of our top picks.

Sedums have adapted specifically to cope with dry and hot conditions (unlike us English folk!) with leaves and stems that store water and a waxy coating that keeps water in. Genius!
Sedum Atlantis BUY NOW-

What better choice of Sedum that the new Sedum Atlantis, winner of Chelsea Plant of the Year 2019?
Perfect for a rockery and a magnet for the bees and butterflies with its dramatic variegated foliage, it's no wonder it won this prestigious award!

A pretty much indestructible plant, you're bound to get your money's worth with Eryngium!
Tolerant of both drought and salt spray, so if you live by the coast this is the plant for you.
Eryngium Big Blue BUY NOW-

Eryngium Big Blue, as suggested by its name, offers exceptionally large heads of prickly lilac-blue flowers which contrast beautifully with the silvery foliage.

So, as our climate gets hotter and hotter, fear not! There are plenty of drought tolerant plants out there to quench your gardening thirst.

You can view our extensive range of drought tolerant plants here.

Happy gardening Haylofters!


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